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Skrtel was the player of the year last season so I can not understand why he didn't get more games, but I understand that the ones he got were below par. When you get dropped and are fighting for your place you play stressed and sometimes lacking sleep when you get youre chance so Martin does deserve to get a run. Selling him or shipping him out is simply wrong.
11th May 2013 9:46
11th May 2013 9:52
"Good Martin need to be here."
11th May 2013 9:54
"Am soo glad to hear that! Fantastic news!! Skertel is an amazing defender!!"
11th May 2013 10:35
"why would we sell our best defensive defender he along side our best footballing defender have been and will be awesome for many years to come."
11th May 2013 11:20
"Good news that theres no intention to out Martin,fsg would have to spend big to get someone else in of skrtels quality. Top defender and great alongside Dagger."
11th May 2013 11:32
"Hope he was not dropped. It must only be for the changes that we required at the back and who knows better than BR. Skrtel is a great lad he'll be at his best again. YNWA JFT96 "
11th May 2013 11:45
"skertel is a good player dont understand how you can be player of the season then get dropped for no reason. here a thought shrek is supposed to be goin from manure why dont we buy him "
11th May 2013 11:50
"With Johnsen, Skrtel, Agger, and Enrique that should be a solid back line. Also Pepe between the sticks we should have the lowest goals against in the league. "
11th May 2013 11:56
"Skrtel has been poor this season and needs to consider his position. Difficult to value him. Certainly can't see any teams above us being interested in him. Similar situation with Leiva, which is why Skrtel will probably stay."
11th May 2013 11:56
"Stems from FSG's refusal to sanction the Ashley Williams signing (he's Arsenal bound) #bulletdodged :) "
11th May 2013 12:00
"I think Skrtel will stay now after hearing this and we will probably sign 1 more CB."
11th May 2013 12:00
"Thanks2Shanks 100% agree. We need Martin so much. I'm sure he'll be much better next season. BR need someone like Steve Clarck"
11th May 2013 12:25
"Good to hear this from BR. Skrtel is a top defender and with Agger can be solid for next season. Hope that rumours about him leaving are all just that - rumours. Get in one more CB as competition/cover to these two but they can top pairing in the EPL"
11th May 2013 12:31
"As accomplished a defender Martin is & as well as being our best defender last season, he had fallen in form & made some costly errors. BR has astutely pointed out, other than Carra, none of our other defenders have the leadership presence required in our back-line; a new signing should rectify this."
Billy B girl
11th May 2013 12:32
"BR you can't treat players like dirt, drop them then 5 months later tell them they are "in your plans and going nowhere"! Many of us have watched you closely and are beginning to see just how you work! for the love of Liverpool just go! You are not and will never be one of us!"
11th May 2013 12:34
"mushroomscouser0713 Haven't Arsenal been linked with Skrtel????"
11th May 2013 12:42
"city would snap him up no problem, glad he staying."
11th May 2013 12:43
"jim75 11th May 2013 12:34....what is meant by "linked"? For me, being "linked" is totally meaningless media babble. By "interested" I meant a club putting a bid in with the intent to buy. Have the Goons done that? "
11th May 2013 12:49
"According to the Skrtel's agent.."As for the interest from other clubs - this is normal for a player like Skrtel. I can only add that no formal proposals have been reported to us." "
11th May 2013 12:53
"Billy B girl 11th May 2013 12:32 'for the love of Liverpool just go!'"
11th May 2013 12:57
"mushroomscouser0713 weren't Man City after Skrtel last summer??;)"
11th May 2013 12:59
"For those fans who are having a go a BR for not playing Skrtel would also complain if either Carragher or Agger wasn't chosen!! After the Oldham game BR felt the side needed Carragher's vocal presence and organisation. "
11th May 2013 13:09
"I also have no idea why MARTIN will be kept in the bench, but carra really come back to the line-up strong. so i have no complain on the change. Next year MARTIN/AGGER should take up the role of carra to lead the back, work hard!!!!! YNWA"
11th May 2013 13:18
"Top defender but he struggles to play it out on the floor. Considering we continue to concede from corners and free kicks around the area I think he should have been playing a lot more. The priority for a central defender is defending not sure Brendan got this one right at all. "
11th May 2013 13:34
"happy to hear it think martin has struggled with the new style but will flourish once he gets used to it "
11th May 2013 13:55
"We're losing Carra next season but I don't see the next to buy players in to replace him, unless BR plans to switch to a 3 man CB partnership and push Enrique and Johnson further up. We have youngsters in the likes of Kelly, Coates, Wisdom, even Wilson if he's not released on a free. Give them a chance."
11th May 2013 14:21
"Rodgers everyone cannot be in 'your' plans. We need to sell players to get better ones. Skrtel has been poor this season and last. He need to move on. Sell Skrtel, Carroll, Spearing, Jones, Carra is retiring. Frees the wage bill up and lets get around 6 new players in."
11th May 2013 14:45
"I think martin was a victim of poor players letting midfielders run through at him. Our midfield of lucas sg and hendo combined with coutinho sturridge suarez and sd has a lot to do with our improved defense. Skrtel has flaws but he is also a warrior. "
11th May 2013 15:02
"Rodgers is only being nice, Martin's form has been very poor lately, but I think Wilson and Coates will do a good job with Martin Kelly also coming in, we should rather buy midfielders and attackers. Erikson should be our first signing. "
11th May 2013 15:53
"never mind carra going we need skyrtel,my hope is we bring in players to improve our chances next season ;eriksen i have a sneeky feeling we may see a few dutch inclusions soon"
11th May 2013 15:59
"He didn't have the confidence to play the ball retaining style BR likes but I expect him to improve and play along side Agger next season. Another defence still required."
11th May 2013 16:09
"how can his form be poor lately he hasn't played for ages, do you mean in training?"
11th May 2013 16:15
"A player sometimes have a bad season but that doesn't mean that he is not good! I foresee that Skrtl and Agger will have a brilliant partnership next season! YNWA!"
11th May 2013 16:21
"Really pleased about that :-)"
11th May 2013 16:21
"Carra has been playing every match as if it were his last, hence the quality of the performances. Martin will be fine next season."
11th May 2013 16:58
"Skrtel will be ok. He is a top class defender. "
11th May 2013 17:23
"RODGERS DOES NOT WANT WILLIAMS!!!!! ITS HIS AGENT TRYING TO GET A MOVE!!!(as confirmed by talksport and the echo!!! FSG NEVER STOPPED ANYTHING!!!!! STOP THE STUPID RUMOURS PEOPLE AND GROW UP!!!! Skertl lost his place and Carra took his chance, no conspiracy theories just a simple and correct footballing decision!"
11th May 2013 18:03
"We need to bring another two top quality defenders in not sell any..competition for places is the key. Skrtel now knows he needs to improve otherwise hes not going to get his place.."
11th May 2013 18:05
"Well BR was right to drop this guy and bring in Carra. If Skrtel cant do it on the pitch for LFC then he needs to be moved on..if we are to get anywhere BR will have to be ruthless just like KK in the 80's"
11th May 2013 18:07
"If Skrtel is a top class defender then hes got to prove it..this season he has been us what your about Skrtel and come back stronger.."
11th May 2013 18:14
"Skrtel is ideal as part of a back three, with Agger able to take the ball upfield as Hansen used to"
11th May 2013 18:28
"what I love about BR is that he is already showing he is ruthless in selecting players, no favourites, you get in the team for football reasons and you will lose your place for the same reason! Shanks, Fagan and Paisley all had this quality when we dominated!"
Buckie LFC Supporter
11th May 2013 18:45
"carra isn't the best defender but he is the ONLY organiser & leader we have. Agger & Skrtel are good def but not top quality & more importantly NOT leaders! but where do you find a top CB who is a strong leader? usually takes years"
11th May 2013 18:53
"to buckie, I have to agree with that, Carra's leadership will be missed, we need someone of that mould to replace him, a vocal organiser!"
11th May 2013 19:55
"If he is part of your plans then so he should be."
11th May 2013 20:12
"Would love luisao from benfica at the heart of our defence but with no cl to offer and him being the wrong side of 32, it will never happen. Wisdom will be top class and already plays cb for england under 21s on a regular basis, and has captain experience at all junior levels, so perhaps there is a leader waiting to be unleashed...."
11th May 2013 20:41
"We should give kelley a go at cd with agger and wisdom r back"
11th May 2013 21:14
"Skrt had several poor games on the trot, it happens to the best of them. Even Suarez stopped scoring. I hope he stays."
11th May 2013 21:15
"So basically, if the old adage of "building from the back" is true,and we need a defender as well as a couple of midfielders, a winger or two and a CF, and FSG will only give Rodgers 20m in summer, it's looking like we can write next season off to yet more "rebuilding". And yet ever more BS. But I am sure some will find "progress" some how. "
11th May 2013 21:54
"As far as a frontline goes, got a feeling that a pairing of sturridge and carroll in the absence of saurez in a 3-5-2 formation might be quite a handful and perhaps should be experimented with until the transfer window closes and LS returns, God willing......."
11th May 2013 22:12
"Skrtel is going no where.. hes been on yhe bench cos carragher needed to be shone respect and play the last matches of his carrer..heel be right back next to Agger next season..."
11th May 2013 23:02
"Rojox IMO has articulated the situation perfectly. Skrtel is not great at playing the ball out of the back and as mistakes crept in he had to get dropped. I rate Skrtel and I know he loves the club but Kelly and co will be vouching for his place next season. "
11th May 2013 23:06
"No favourites haha Allen is injured now my blinkered friend, a lot will depend on who leaves the club with regard to who we can buy if we get 17m for AC and 25m from FSG 42m please spend right BR ."
12th May 2013 0:30
"Kiessling and eriksen then we will challenge for the top four buy quality not quany."
12th May 2013 1:00
"3 quality players required this summer. Do not lose any more players with the exception of those who are not contributing (Carroll, Pacheco, Assaidi). Alderweild (already stated his desire to move), Wanyama (Diame being the cheaper driving force option), and Eriksen. These 3 players would not require a net expenditure of over 20m. Please BR, don't go for anybody unproven/squad players."
12th May 2013 1:34
"ya totally agree we need a little experience in signings this summer."
12th May 2013 2:54
"Would love to see Coates get a run for the last 2 games, as he hasn't had much of a look in, but I think BR will go with Skrtel sadly."
12th May 2013 8:39
"You try to be constructive and civil when it comes to debating issues with some fans but there's a couple, same old, that are just a complete pain in the ar$e! why don't you just shut the 'uck up! The majority of 'educated' football supporters are behind Rodgers - it must hurt like hell when we win."
12th May 2013 8:42
"Keep up with the good work Rodgers and keep winding up the plasticos - Love it!"
12th May 2013 9:04
"Rodgers is doing a good job with the first team, but it will take a bit more time to make it great and he's also doing a good job, if not great, with the club throughout! it needed freshening up and re-modelled! We've relied on past methods and structure for too long now. It won us many accolades back then but the game has moved on - we need to!.."
12th May 2013 9:04
"The guy needs at least 2 if not 3 full seasons for the work/project to prove it's worth at the top end. That is the model of a healthy, well run and ultimately successful football club - we aint City, Chelsea, Paris, Anzi and other poisonously rich clubs WE ARE LFC! AND WILL RETURN! "
12th May 2013 9:15
"These clubs will ruin the image of our game if they're allowed to continue. I hope we never join them! UGLY, GREEDY, DISGUSTING, WITH NO SOUL! Well done Wigan, another nail in the heart of a filthy rich club."
12th May 2013 9:32
"So Billy B girl you're speaking for all of us are you?? Lay off BR! He has every right to drop Skrtel. How many times how you actually BEEN to Anfield this season? I've been sat in the Main Stand for every one of Skrtel's games this season and he has been poor. He makes too many costly errors that lead to goals. We are never going to win the league again with inconsistent players like that."
12th May 2013 10:18
"KINGOFCLUBS 12th May 2013 8:39..people are enled to have any opinion they like, especially if they can justify it. Many people are sick to death of the typical mid table belief in hope and blind faith. "WE ARE LFC! AND WILL RETURN!"..will we? Based on what observation exactly? Horoscopes?"
12th May 2013 10:26
"Would much rather have a few more points than last season than win any competitions. Who wants or needs trophies anyway when you can finish a season with a couple of extra points? That's real progress!!! Or is it "philosphy"? "
12th May 2013 10:29
"Mushroom- you av done it again!!!!! 2 days running u av got out the wrong side of the bed- cheer up lad..............."
12th May 2013 10:31
"KINGOFCLUBS 12th May 2013 also need to get your facts right. We actually are one of the richest clubs in Europe. 10th according to Forbes.Again, why deal in reality when BS is easier to spout and nicer to believe."
12th May 2013 10:35
"Centrecircle..I am cheered up! The season is finally nearly over! I loved watching the FA cup Final remembering we were there last year, and how we was knocked out early in a humiliating way this year.The futures so bright I gotta wear shades. Honest. "
12th May 2013 10:46
"Mushroom- hope u are on these posts next season! Cos if we do well, i shall take pleasure in your positives posts - "
12th May 2013 12:27
"Mushie...yes we are one of the richest clubs, especially in history, but we are not poisonous and filthy - ruining the game they are with their quick fixes to success, is that what you want? "