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true legend true gent true warrior and will be truly missed good luck in what ever you do in your retirment you deserve it im so made up i was lucky enough to see you play one in a million Y.N.W.A. JAMIE CARRAGHER.
13th May 2013 16:09
13th May 2013 16:26
""Carra is a true Liverpool warrior." Favourite quote, from Houllier, who let him get forward a fair bit to cross the ball, I seem to remember. This is Anfield. This is Carragher! "
King Stevie
13th May 2013 16:31
"Along with Paolo Maldini, this man is my pick for the greatest defender there was. A true inspiration and a living legend. Shouldve played more often in the last couple of years, considering the performances hes giving us now when hes about to retire. YNWA Carra."
13th May 2013 16:33
"Tough guy - Carra..."
13th May 2013 16:34
"Yes he did deserve more but you didn't help much by signing Diao, Diouf, Cherou, apex,and the rest"
13th May 2013 16:44
"Not many players come along like Carra with the complete package. Personality, technique, a true leader, always gives more than 100%. It has been a privilege to watch his career blossom."
Gerrard o ya beauty
13th May 2013 17:37
"Always gives his all, he will be missed but now it's time for someone else to step in and give 110% YNWA Jamie Carragher LEGEND!"
13th May 2013 18:07
"Brendan using same strategy with Wisdom and Kelly. Kelly is just awesome at fullback too. Could he play defensive mid and be a phil jones type of player?"
13th May 2013 18:10
"Carragher has been great but I think sami hyppiä was even better"
13th May 2013 18:34
"colle9- Let's hope Kelly's not 'phil jones'-type of player, as he looks good for me! Kelly and Wisdom look good for next season (though need more experience and training) so did Coates on Sunday, with some crashing into Fulham players. "
13th May 2013 18:43
"Thanks for the memories Carra'.Whatever you do in retirement we hope it's as successful as your career at Anfield.Hope you remain with the club in some way to pass on your invaluable experience.I am lucky to have seen you play."
13th May 2013 18:49
"Rafa had a bigger impact on Carragher career not that you'll ever hear that mind."
13th May 2013 18:54
"Colle9 obviously hyypia was a monsterous centre half, absolute legend in his own right, CARRA had the lot though, work rate, passion etc its all been said about the guy. Spoilt for legends at our club! "
13th May 2013 19:00
"Lets just agree they were both superb! :)"
13th May 2013 19:14
"LIVERBIRDGAZ Carra is joining RATBOY & CO on sky mate dont you ever read anything?"
13th May 2013 19:14
"what about this giant of a plyer who 'apparently' played for us?!!! Unless I've forgotten I presume he means 'did some training with'!"
13th May 2013 19:14
"LIVERBIRDGAZ Carra is joining RATBOY & CO on sky mate dont you ever read anything?"
13th May 2013 19:25
"bafty where have you been,CARA you legend there will never be another like you."
Vosta Lee
13th May 2013 19:39
"I rate both Kelly and Wisdom much, much higher than Phil Jones. I can see Wisdom becoming a defensive midfielder though. He is very good technically and knows how to win the ball. If he can pick a thing or two from Coutinho he'd be great competition for Lucas."
13th May 2013 20:05
""but wherever you played him you got 100 per cent, even more" I'm sorry to have to break it to you Houllier/Starman and Gerrardoyabeuty but its mathematically impossible. I love football talk - 110% B0110CK5. Anyway back to JC - Legend!"
13th May 2013 20:21
"Well said Gerard, great words for a great man. YNWA"
14th May 2013 0:27
"Carra was the greatest, most loyal Liverpool servant who gave his heart and soul to the club. I will truly miss seeing him on the field. I look forward to following his managerial career! Hopefully, one day he can be the best Liverpool manager!"
14th May 2013 0:58
"I really hope BR will turn Wisdom as a Defensive Midfielder. He has pace, youth, skill and can tackle well. I think he is even better than Javier Mascherano."
14th May 2013 1:00
"I really hope BR will turn Wisdom as a Defensive Midfielder. He is young, has pace, skill and takles well. I rate him better than Javier Mescharano"
A Red In My Bed
14th May 2013 3:38
"Carra is gonna be really really missed. Just not gonna be the same for the next couple of seasons without him. I'm really quite surprised how sad this makes me feel. One of our own. yNwa. "
14th May 2013 3:41
"Cannot wait for new season to start.My starting 11 s ----------Reina------------John-Aldervld-Agger-Enri- ----Gerrard---Watyama--------------Rooney------------Suarez---Sturridge-Court. This team would win the the league no doubt. league no doubt"
14th May 2013 3:48
"I know no chance of Rooney so Hendrix instead of , this 11 would qualify us for champs league"
14th May 2013 8:20
"Congratsss Rafa of qualifying for CL, You will be the next Manchester City Manager..."