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Please leave him out of this, not just the type we are presently looking for. Eriksen, Lewandoski and Dede
10th May 2013 16:40
10th May 2013 16:47
"Would be better than Downing who, although has upped his game, won't go any further."
10th May 2013 16:58
"No BR not another promisiig youngster we need quality and experienced players"
10th May 2013 17:32
"Omobalogun - I would advise you to do some research before naming players from the top of your head. Dede joined Cruzeiro last month. And despite Lewandowski being available for the summer, he would most likely join a CL team. Eriksen however would be a good signing :) "
10th May 2013 17:52
"Not good enough, if its Barca then it must be Tiago, he could come here for more playing time, or we could persuade song here for playing time, obviously. we need quality players, suso, sterling, Borini are all better than this boy, we should buy players better than what we have. get Erikson,"
10th May 2013 18:02
"I would say it would be a good signing! He is fast and can take on people plus i've seen him playing and his finish is actually impressive! We have struggled to get some pace in the wings and i think Tello would be a perfect choice YNWA"
10th May 2013 18:23
"Lewandowski lol, your funny, until we get into the champions league, dont talk about those world class players we need a playmaker, a defender and a attacker, so 3 signings and ill be happy"
10th May 2013 18:25
"This guy NOOOOOOOOO neither David Villa"
A Red In My Bed
10th May 2013 18:44
"Fed up of all this crap. "
10th May 2013 18:52
"Agree that Thiago would be nice, but this kid's a decent enough prospect to be in the potential bargain category regarding transfer rumours. Shame Xabi looks to be staying at least another year at Real, would have topped the recent news off nicely! YNWA"
10th May 2013 19:34
"We are not going to get Lewandoski. But there are plenty of good forwards we can get - Benteke, Damiao, Michu, Hooper all can score 20 plus in a season! Then players like Ince/Ben arfa/ Eriksen/Diame we should be aiming to be the top scoring team in the league! Then center back the team is good!!!!!"
Mines a pint in the Sov!
10th May 2013 20:01
"I'm torn on Andy Carroll! Stay or go?! I like the idea of a Plan B."
10th May 2013 22:10
"i like Tello. would be a geat addition at around that price. Would have got into almost any other team than Barca every week. Also believe David Villa has many goals left in him but doubt he would come to us without Euro compeon involvement."
10th May 2013 22:40
"I would rather pay mil for this lad than buy ince!"
10th May 2013 23:44
"Are Spurs scouts following our ones? The word pops up in every transfer target news lol!"
11th May 2013 4:39
"Cristian Tello at 8.5million would be a bargain. He's been well drilled to play the way BR wants! He's very young and no offence... If you can break into the 1st team at Barca earning a starting position over names such as Villa, Iniesta, Fabregas & Sanchez at his age then you must be off some great qualities! Rodgers also needs to work on our world class prospect that is Jordan Ibe!"
11th May 2013 7:54
"I've seen him play for Barca and I think he'd run circles around Downing. He's got a great eye for goal and is blessed with amazing pace. Get him I say..."
11th May 2013 9:07
"Any player who can bring our team to the next level will be welcome. No improvement next season means 'you're out BR'"
11th May 2013 9:54
"Defo would be a great addition to the squad, we havent had a pacey right winger in a long time, this lad fits the bill of age and quality. Downings days are numbered. "
10 gd
11th May 2013 11:50
"Tello seria um erro já temos muitos jovens com qualidade preçisamos de melhorar a defesa e o ataque "J. Martinez" "Dombia" "J.Rodrigez""
11th May 2013 13:29
"This is just the best Downing can offer, that been said Tello can't be far from him YNWA"
11th May 2013 13:52
"Don't know why people are saying Tello isn't good enough. He's one of the fastest and trickiest players in the BBVA and he's still very young. He'll course far more damage in the final 3rd than downing. Though downing might still be needed for the big games, as he knows how to defend."
11th May 2013 19:40
"Personally, I think Callum McManaman might be worth a look. At 22 he has made a big impact on Wigan and looked fantastic today. On top of that Diame, Erikson, Alderweireld and Carroll/new striker. Out's for me would be Spearing, Downing, Coates and sorry but Allen and Borini to go as well I can't see either making the grade."
11th May 2013 20:16
"every time both liverpool and spurs are linked with a player it's always spurs who end up getting the player so bet on it that we won't get him even though i would love to have him play in liverpool red "