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I would rather look at someone like Oscar Cardozo.Very experienced and very skilled, would fit in with Saurez. He may be 29, but still has a alot to offer in my opinion.
10th May 2013 15:20
10th May 2013 15:24
"Are u kidding me? why would they accept a 8.5 mil bid if they rejected a 24 mil bid? and why would he join us instead of dortmund? this transfer is not possible"
10th May 2013 15:52
"complete nonsense, why didnt we get him last summer for 8m??????? Before he joined Porto"
10th May 2013 16:11
"We have Andy Carrol wanted by Spurs and we say he is surplus to requirements, are we serious, what about our academy hopefuls Samed Yesil, Raheem Sterling, Michael Ngoo, Adam Morgan, Jerome Sinclair and Conor Coady not to mention Suso Fernandez Saez and Daniel Pacheco, Why drive them away like Thom Ince."
10th May 2013 17:00
"We could have signed this guy when KD was in charge and we would have had to pay much less."
10th May 2013 17:26
"Euroanfield - KD did not have the brain to sign talented players. He bought Downing and Carroll instead for inflated prices remember? "
10th May 2013 17:32
"That price is outrageous. He will never be sold at that price"
10th May 2013 17:42
10th May 2013 18:38
"Liverpool had the opportunity to sign him for 8.5m right now he is valued in 40m... Just think that he´d come here is a idiocy."
10th May 2013 18:59
"Which outgoing striker? Martinez would be a great addition even if Big Andy doesn't make a move. I'd rather keep him than sell him to a club like Spurs who might be the only team intrested that can afford him and offer PL football next season."
Mines a pint in the Sov!
10th May 2013 19:56
"Luis7??9. I firmly believe Carroll, Downing and Henderson were bought to adhere to the new Fair Play rules. Which most other clubs are blatantly ignoring. "
10th May 2013 23:07
"Sajuzzz are you kidding me? Read the story again before getting on your high horse. We were rumoured to have offered 8.5m before he went to porto,we haven't offered that now & i don't think we did actually bid for him. If you believe every transfer rumour out there we would be buying a whole new squad with the amount linked to us. We heads up for you don't believe everything you read."
11th May 2013 4:29
"Certainly not worth that price tag! Lewindowski is of a similar value! You could buy 2 excellent players with this money! For example Cristian Eriksen & Dries Mertens! I think this article is a load off nonsense! "
11th May 2013 9:09
"In my opinion M Gomez is cheaper & proven than him. Cant understand how Porto values their player..."
11th May 2013 13:15
"liverpool didn't signed him last summerwhen he was availble on cheap. he scored 34 goalsthis season porto will not let him go for cheap for 30 m better take cavani /leowandoski, higuain availble at 18 to 20 m "
11th May 2013 13:27
"Why not if Cardozo's experince could work at EPL. Never heard or seen much of this him. But too much has been said & seen of the subject. Lets just pray they are like the good addition of January window in the long run. YNWA "