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This is such a sad day, hugely dissapointed. Thank you PSL
10th May 2013 15:21
10th May 2013 15:59
"Crying shame. Sorry to the SA supporters, I know how excited you guys were. Seems the PSL has messed this one up good."
10th May 2013 16:05
"Absolutely GUTTED!!! Thank you PSL!!! Your short sightedness cost this country a wonderful experience! PLEASE DO NOT FORGET US LFC AND COME VISIT SOON!!!"
10th May 2013 16:10
"Pedantic South African Premier league officials have shot themselves in the foot!!"
Gareth WB
10th May 2013 16:22
"From a feeling of absolute euphoria to one of the most disappointing days yet. Your SA fans are absolutely devastated. Really hope you guys are able to make it down here to SA next year...with a big fat silver cup in your hands :) "
10th May 2013 16:30
"typical sa football, too much red tape and short sightedness cant blame lfc if they choose not to tour here again, what an embarrassment to sa lfc fans"
10th May 2013 16:47
"LFC please do a tour of South Africa at the end of next season. The news of the team coming down has sent the country LFC crazy!! (So much so that the PSL stuffed it up) I'm sure the site traffic has increased tremendously in that time as well. YNWA !!"
10th May 2013 17:19
"Apparently due to the cup final, sponsors not happy,etc. Big shame for the fans. Hope we send someone down just after, even if it's Rushie, footballs and some shirts."
10th May 2013 17:54
"I don't live anywhere near South Africa and I'm disappointed in this news. It's a shame for this to happen when we're making such vast progress at expanding worldwide."
10th May 2013 17:58
"With a bit of luck/common sense, LFC (or Standard Chartered, who seem to be making these decisions) will add it to the Pre-Season Tour and the South African Reds will get their chance to see a proper team play."
10th May 2013 18:35
"So So Gutted. Bought my flights to Cape Town and all and called computicket everyday since the news broke. Thanks for nothing PSL. You Manures"
10th May 2013 19:18
10th May 2013 19:22
"PSL the weakest ever! Thanks for nothing, another reason I ONLY watch foreign football!!!"
10th May 2013 19:43
"I am one of the many "die hard SA LFC fans" and its a tragedy that this LFC trip had to be cancelled. Our Local Body was really shortsighted on this one. :( "
10th May 2013 19:47
"I bought flight tickets as soon as i heard of the news. Now theres no refund so R2000 down the drain !!!! Thank You PSL, does not affect your pocket, so you wont care? The day i was ashamed of being South African, but ever so proud LFC Fan !!!"
10th May 2013 19:51
"Some of us will never afford to come to england and watch LFC was an awesome opportunity for us to see them. My dream was tto sing YNWA watching a live was "stolen" from me."
10th May 2013 23:24
"SAPL got themselves some cheap publicity for their league and cup final! "
10th May 2013 23:57
"Reading these I'm so sad for the S.A. fans who have booked tickets and organised travel,etc. You should write to the S.A.PLS and ask them to pay for the costs. Hopefully LFC will be down there V.V.V. soon. A sad day for football. YNWA- from an Englishman from the N.W of England."
11th May 2013 2:08
" ihave not seen any reason from those who are responsible,why this will not must be political...i am sure the money is always there.... "
11th May 2013 2:11
"money grubbing sbags....they are not exclusive to american capitalism.greedy people are all around the world...fifa.fa.uefa. "
11th May 2013 7:24
"thank you psl. it can only be you. damn no how to spoil a party..."
11th May 2013 8:01
"This is hugely disappointing. Planned the entire trip. PSL morons. "
11th May 2013 8:28
"If I could apologize on behalf of my country I would...this is not a good look"
11th May 2013 8:49
"As a South African living abroad I can fully understand how the South African Lfc fans are feeling.My brother is one of them. Personaly I just feel it´s politics rearing it´s ugly head and some greddy money mungers in on the act. As they say money talks and BS---T walks. "
11th May 2013 10:22
"feel so sorry for all of U brothers,, please don't u cancel the tour to Indonesia, this is my dream, just make it true please,,:)"
11th May 2013 13:39
"Hope we refund all the fans who got tickets, as it was our website that confirmed the game. If you confirme something before it becomes official and it fails to happen then it is unprofessionalism, and you should refund fans. The it's not the clubs fault excuse is an insult and has been used many time with ups."
11th May 2013 19:33
"really disappointed that ajax cancelled. been waiting my whole life to watch lfc play live....guess im just gona have to save up and fly to england someday lol....ynwa!"
12th May 2013 8:22
"You know a country is messed up when they don't know how to accept help."
22nd May 2013 1:03
"I spent many a game in Rascals LFC Supporters in Obs.I really know what it meant to SA fans - I know the passion and the pain they feel now.YNWA I scouse with Cape Town blood - Lets rock in 2014 - from the flats to the Plains - to Obs - To Edgemead - we are all one - even if the country is divided. If the game was in Joburg would of it been cancelled ? You know by that comment I understand SA !! "