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Disappointing news, was really hoping he'd come home! However, was worried about links to Chelsea, so good news that's not happening too. If you're happy Xabi, I'm happy for you. YNWA Alonso!
10th May 2013 11:38
10th May 2013 11:51
"too old dont need him wanyama or diame better options.but i dont think that we need CM already have lucas allen hendo shelvey gerry coutinho and coady texiera will be there next season."
10th May 2013 12:44
"all good just get him for free in a seasons time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
10th May 2013 14:09
"LoveKK - Try using your footballing brain a bit. Alonso to Chelsea? Your having a laugh for even believing it a little. He is an LFC legend and if he was to return to the PL, he would only join LFC otherwise his legend status would be gone in a heart beat. Same with Ronaldo coming back, he would only join United. Get the drift mate? "
10th May 2013 16:49
"Come back to Liverpool - Madrid suck, if not get Diame for 3.5m"
10th May 2013 17:01
"Yes that was my initial thought. Followed by a question mark over his age and FSG's policy. Then the Chelsea concern crept in! Brain being used!"
10th May 2013 17:02
"Sorry above comment for luis7??9"
10th May 2013 19:17
"I love Xabi and think he was part of the heart and soul of the team when he was here. This isn't terrible news because then we can get him in next summer on the Free and he could play as well as teach the younger players a thing or two. He would be an incredible teacher for Coutinho and could really help refine him. "
10th May 2013 23:52
"Xavi would not come to England to go to Chelsea. That's not his style. YNWA Xavi Alonso, and thanks for all the great work you did for us."
10th May 2013 23:57
"Xabi would not come to England to go to Chelsea. That's not his style. YNWA Xabi Alonso, and thanks for all the great work you did for us.""