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Love the way he said it! Yes, I also think it's best for Liverpool that he stays there next season, which means it's a possibility for a free transfer after next season. We can't afford spending 10 mill on him this summer, so this is totally ok news :) I have hopes he will come after next season!
9th May 2013 13:20
9th May 2013 14:13
"wot is all this crap about alonso coming bak to liverpool,, not this yaer,, and def not next year!!!!"
9th May 2013 15:12
"Reporter on Sky TV has just commented that David Moyes has actually knocked Liverpool 'Off their perch' on Merseyside two years in a row now, like he'e another Fergie in Embryo. FSG...For...Pete's...Sake....Wake...Up!...Fast!!! "
9th May 2013 17:43
"excellent news, now get Erikson."
9th May 2013 18:14
"Wanyama and Eriksen please BR. "
9th May 2013 19:01
"We need him back as soon as possible. Him and Gerrard in a midfield together can't be beaten. Such a good partnership and a perfect balance. He's lost a good of pace since he was last here."
9th May 2013 22:38
"Thanks but too old for us I think"
10th May 2013 4:24