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last season 23 and u say KD was a progress
12th May 2013 9:29
12th May 2013 9:54
"To be fair to Kenny,we went on two brilliant cup runs and should have won both (ball over the line and we would have gone on to win) Lets repeat the fungi mantra-we are not improving (last season only +7GD) we are not improving (last season 52 points) we are not improving (last season 47 goals)..."
12th May 2013 10:01
"wow, we have made such progress this season, I lot more than I thought we could make in that time, in playing style and recruitment and so on, and moved up a place in the league, great work by BR and FSG"
12th May 2013 10:47
"So what? No trophies and 7th. The table doesn't lie."
12th May 2013 10:51
"...Neither does the trophy cabinet"
12th May 2013 10:54
"All these goals and yet no trophies and no cups.... SAUREZ FC...take his 30 goals out and the true picture of BR's "achievement" becomes apparent. That's progress for ya. "Philosophy" even."
12th May 2013 11:06
"mushroomscouser0713 the team is scoring goals and keeping clean sheets.Building through the season.With a better start to next season with the correct signings from the start top 4 is a certain!"
12th May 2013 11:07
"shame its not a points record we looking for."
12th May 2013 11:18
"jim75 12th May 2013 11:0...did you used to read stories on Jackanory?"
12th May 2013 11:29
"I think there is no point trying to cheer up some. They will never see the light. Its clear that we are on the right track and the foundations have been laid for a sustained attack on the top 4. With cute acquisitions we will be a force next season. "
12th May 2013 11:41
"I think there is no point in trying to make some see the reality of our situation. They choose to ignore hard facts and would rather believe in obscure fantasies of progress and's pseudo religion like. They remind me of brainwashed religious cult followers. Devoid of rational reason.Or perhaps intellect. Who Knows? Who cares?! "
12th May 2013 11:46
"mushroomscouser0713 there was an epl alternative table put up where every teams top scorer goals where removed in that table we where 6th and Arsenal where top with ManU sitting 4th its only fair to remove the goals from each top scorer from each team before you make a statement like that."
12th May 2013 11:52
"Trikie 12th May 2013 11:46..there isn't an alternative table. Just the one we are 7th in. Which is my point. "
12th May 2013 11:53
"mushroomscouser, what a stupid comment to make "suarez fc take his 30 goals out and you get true picture ". How about taking rvp's goals away from united and where would they be."
12th May 2013 11:59
"I think mushroomscouser is a makes comments on lots of stories on this website and they are ALL negative....anti FSG or BR. I go to all the home games and there is an improvement this season!! "
12th May 2013 12:06
"LFCInstanbul 12th May 2013 11:59.. If you go to the home games and have any banter about town you will know there are many who are looking at facts and see no reason to believe next season will be any better than this.If you think 7th and no cups is great then fine. Don't be calling those who don't "trolls". I think you are a beaut. "
12th May 2013 12:10
"mike42 12th May 2013 11:53..With out RVP, Man Utd would have probably played Hernandez up front and he may have had a great season. Who do we play without Saurez? We have no depth. Hence my comment. It aint so stupid. "
12th May 2013 12:11
"No trophies? -Repeat after me "We want to be Wigan..We want to be Wigan... We want to be Birmingham city-it worked wonders for them!" "
12th May 2013 12:14
"Any team can win a cup, as proved by Wigan yesterday, congrats to them, and im not denying that being in 2 cup finals was good but its the prem and the top 4 that is our top target so we can be in europe and attract the best players around the world again. so just looking at prem stats its clear to see we have made improvements this year and im sure will do again next season."
12th May 2013 12:16
"Without Suarez? We play Sturridge and Borini and beat newcastle 6-0!!!! Stats don't lie! The table? Same place as last year-with better goals, points,goal difference, etc. Stats don't lie! "
12th May 2013 12:32
"Br has to get credit for making progress, we lost a bit of momentum when we changed manager which would happen again if we change in the summer. Br has seen the light re hendo enrique and sd it took time for him to realise the folly of playing the youth team but he got there."
12th May 2013 12:42
"Stats don't lie but the manner in which, and why, they are created and interpreted in football is questionable. Sturridge does look an outstanding prospect but he has not played any where near as many games as Saurez so it is too early to judge his capability. Nothing can be said of Borini. "
12th May 2013 12:45
"cordoso- Head of nail hit! Very true comments- we had a terrible beginning to the season and it's only now we're starting to see the benefits."
12th May 2013 12:47
"Sane people didn't expect progress this year. But the PR and BS comes from FSG's decision to tell the supporters they sacked Kenny because of last seasons results. "
12th May 2013 12:49
"Those rent boy fans who constantly called for Kennys sack also have a vested interest in seeing progress when it isn't there. They know who they are."
Stan Still
12th May 2013 12:55
"mushroomscouser0713 is right. 7th in the table and no cups. This isn't progress! And we can expect the same or worse next season. BR and FSG both need to leave the club. This is Liverpool not Swansea! Bill Shankly said, "If you are first you are first. If you are second you are nothing." We are 7th! Not good enough Brendan not even close! "
12th May 2013 13:00
"mushroom i agree to some extent about the kk haters but br is not the anti kk option he is the liverpool manager. You and a few others have been fantastic in your support for the king but it is time to move on. kk will be back in his ambassador role next season, he done us a great service when we were in trouble let that be his legacy. "
12th May 2013 13:03
"Mushroom get a life you obviously are letting the sacking of KD cloud your thoughts with your comments its clear your not happy at this & the reasons given why FSG sacked him. You claim your view no progress has been made on which facts? Because we never won a cup this season? Yes thats what we want but football has changed & not being in the champs league is a must now."
12th May 2013 13:09
"So BR is right at this time to concentrate on trying to get more consistency in the league,like it or not this is where we are as a club just now i dont like it but that is the reality of it. Under BR this season those stats dont lie we are scoring more & starting to defend better as the season has gone on that is progress & progress we needed as we were awful in front of goal last season."
12th May 2013 13:15
"Once BR gets the chance to add more players that he feels fits the style he wants like Coutinho & Sturridge & if we dont close the gap or get near top 4 etc next season then we as fans could have a point to ask for a change,not after 1 season with so many changes & him inheriting a squad of players if he had his way wouldnt be here as they will never be good enough like many of KD signings. "
12th May 2013 13:21
"You harp on about no trophies etc its only one season so your jumping the gun far to early like most fans do these days. KD got sacked for a number of reasons number 1 his signings & what he spent on them was shocking FSG put their trust in him to sign quality he went & bought Carroll for 35m downing 20m & failed to get the bet out of them. 55m on those 2 alone you think thats good?"
12th May 2013 13:24
"scotty you let yourself down with your last comment, most of the success we have had this season has depended on suarez. Enrique returning to the squad v newcastle and that suarez goal. the form of sd and hendo and of course the much hated lucas so for me the best players are the ones some fans seem to hate."
12th May 2013 13:29
"55m is about what BR has spent & for the same amount he has got Borini,Assadi,Allen,Yesil,Coutinho,Sturridge plus hes got the players KD signed like Downing,Hendo,Enrique playing better even tho only Hendo looks like the only one thats ever going to be good enough to make a difference. He signed to many duds & was well off the the top 4 with a very poor goal count."
12th May 2013 13:39
"Im not saying i hate Downing i give him credit for improving this season also Enrique too but my point is they just are not good enough to take us to the next level. But the turn around in form of those players BR has to get some credit also which the likes of mushroom seem to reuse to do as they are too hung up on the sacking of KD. "
12th May 2013 13:41
"downing enrique suarez hendo 66m borini allen sturridge coutinho 55m which 4 have contributed the most to the cause this season."
12th May 2013 13:43
"scotty, Enrique was a good signing plays football sometimes when he should hoof it clear."
12th May 2013 13:50
"kk was a long time out of the game and he was outflanked by ferguson on the suarez thing. He lost the dressing room over the shirts and probably he had to go, but he brought hope back he brought a trophy the first in six years and he stabilized a squad that was falling apart."
12th May 2013 13:59
"last season we started really well, lucas was playing the best football of his career under kk and at the halfway point we had 35 points bang on for top four. But the football gods are very fickle and kenny got the suarez affair all wrong and the rest is history."
12th May 2013 14:20
"The best thing about football is the if's and but's of it all. Also the fact everyone has different opinions and there is no wrong opinion. Personally, for me I think we have improved under BR. "
12th May 2013 14:20
"There is no point talking about the past. Let's talk about this season. We started off poorly, had a poor summer transfer window and eventually in January we recovered. Unfortunately our biggest is consistency. Next season BR will not have a safety net. "
12th May 2013 14:52
"what about achievement of this season c to last year?ompared ? "
12th May 2013 17:38
"Great win...with a weakened side too. Mushroomscouser will still be moaning about 7th place though!!"
Vosta Lee
12th May 2013 17:40
"Prior to Maxi the only Liverpool player to score a league hat-trick against Fulham was Billy Liddell in September 1954 at Anfield. After Maxi the only Liverpool player to score a league hat-trick against Fulham is Daniel Sturridge in May 2013 :)"
12th May 2013 20:18
"Only for KD we could have been relegated. Instead he gave us hope again, we should all be so very grateful for what this man has done for us over the years..those who dont should support Manure"
12th May 2013 20:19
"Truth is this season has been a big disapointment. Poor cup runs and 7th in the league. However there is hope. We have progressed over past few months so with some quality signings in summer we need to go for top 4 next season or who knows even better"