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9th May 2013 10:11
9th May 2013 10:23
"38 mill no chance"
9th May 2013 10:24
"38 mill no chance"
9th May 2013 10:27
"We were linked last year when he was cheaper, now he's replicated his goal-scoring form, albeit in not the strongest of European leagues, this year his value is probably gonna be out of our range given the report £20M transfer kitty for this summer. Hope we haven't missed a trick on this one"
9th May 2013 11:01
9th May 2013 11:16
"seems that porto grows good strikers, lets take the one is on the bench of theirs atm. Will be cheap and i have the idea will be as much as good as jackson.:)"
9th May 2013 12:11
"Sound good..but the question is ..will liver able to bring him to anfield or will miss him like other targets."
9th May 2013 12:38
"it all about money money moneyyyyyyy moneeeeeei.. where is the cash to compete?"
9th May 2013 13:26
"when we where linked with him in previous seasons , when he was cheap and affordable , when his online videos adn goalscoring record where amazing , when we could have signed him , we didnt and got donkeys for triple price instead . defies logic . awesome player . check him out on youtube pre porto and post porto he is excellent . we let a great player escape us , such a shame ."
9th May 2013 13:48
"Dries MERTENS (PSV Eindhoven)..!! #YNWA"
9th May 2013 14:13
"He's a very good striker, but we've been linked with him for the past 2 seasons now."
9th May 2013 14:25
"Kenny wanted this guy last year for around 8 mil,The last couple of years we've become a joke in the transfer market.This summer Fsg must show the money or move on,It's gonna take around 60 mil just to be in contention for top 4.Have they got that kind of money? Probably not"
9th May 2013 15:05
"Rodgers, pls get martinez nd williams"
9th May 2013 15:13
"If this article is true, why is it even on here? £38mil buy out clause!! we couldn't even afford half that!!"
Save us Kenny
9th May 2013 15:24
"We have pathetic 25m budget andwe are going to sign 10m martinez, Sanchez, eriksenn... We will end up with reading and swansea rejects "
9th May 2013 15:29
"Kenny wanted him? Really??? Because I thought he wanted to sign Carroll for 35M instead. So glad BR did his business early and bought Coutinho for a bargain 8.5M, his worth has already doubled and no doubt will be tripled by the end of next season! Wanyama and Eriksen next please BR and you will already have legend status."
9th May 2013 15:34
" Luis kenny signed Carroll and Suarez when he took over,he wanted Martinez and diame before he was sacked.Fsg pulled the plug on all deals when they sacked him."
9th May 2013 16:57
"we should of got him last season for 6m from his ex club ... stupid system we have"
9th May 2013 18:26
"typical lfc wait until its too late, not a hope now."
9th May 2013 20:02
"Look this is not going to happen but for those crying about the budget, that is what happens when a manager like Kenny spends ridiculous money on either unrpoven or rubbish players. Coutinho, 8.5 million, Jordan Henderson (who BR has finally got going) 16 million, Sturridge 12 million, Carroll A.K.A. Donkey 35 million, facts speak for themselves."
9th May 2013 20:04
"Plus the budget from FSG is 25 million, but if Carroll is sold for 10 that is 35 million and if Skrtel is sold for 12 that is 47 million, not so bad now is it? Wanyama 10, Remy 5, Alderwield or Williams 10. And that is not even considering the fact we may get 40 for Suarez. cont."
9th May 2013 20:06
"If we sell Suarez for 35 mill plus skrtel and carroll that is 82 MILLION POUNDS. For 40 million, 87 million pounds. If we sell Suarez plus the dead wood and buy wisely as we have, we will be le contenders."
9th May 2013 20:31
"outlay for kk spending was 34m rest was from sales.carroll was dreadfull mistake 22m ott,"
9th May 2013 20:34
"sell suarez for 35m hahaha x2 mate"
10th May 2013 0:44
"i'm colombian and the only colombian i wanna see in liverpool is falcao.. or james rodriguez; the rest would just be more of the same."
10th May 2013 9:48
"It dosen't matter where the money comes from, it still dosen't hide the fact that he still paid ridiculous amounts of money on average players. With that amount of money any sane manager could build a world class team, where as KK bought a bunch of over rated mid table players."