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Yes please! Then Eriksen, Alonso and Wanyama. Not sure we need to much in central defence, we have Agger, Skrtel, Kelly and Wisdom (two of which can also cover full-back). Bring on next season, there may be changes at the top (lets hope on of them is Liverpool in top 4)!
9th May 2013 10:52
9th May 2013 11:14
"With them stats we have to be getting in there, depends how much clout we have in the market, I am hoping our owners continue to back Rodgers in his building process to get us up there competing with the top dogs, who we should be in years to come."
9th May 2013 11:27
"we cant afford him no chance he will be £30 million at the least YNWA"
9th May 2013 11:52
"Mehdi Benetia from Udinese is the defender we have been looking for. Strong tall good in the air superb defending!"
9th May 2013 12:10
"I'm sure we were linked with him the other year for as little as 7 million. But the asking price now is way, way beyond us "
9th May 2013 14:54
"if only this was true and we get him "
9th May 2013 16:55
"Victor Wanyama 10m Christian Eriksen 15m Henrik Mkhitaryan 15m Tom Ince 5m Toby Alderweireld 7m Ashley Williams 8m David Villa 7m = 60 m "
10th May 2013 7:36
"this player not entertain me enuff...sorry, apart of that we have fabio borini next season who is almost same class like him., he is playing in portuguese league , maybe that he make thing easier,, striker, why dont we go to mario him some money"
10th May 2013 18:08
"Is funny to see how easy it is for people to just say what we should get... This is not a dream people, wake up!! Think of potentially targets like Eriksen and Tello.. "