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I hope your right about borini he has been unlucky with injures, but I think a new striker may be coming in the transfer window witch will make it even more difficult for him.YNWA
11th May 2013 8:59
11th May 2013 9:01
"Im not quite sure about this.... "
11th May 2013 9:39
"Nice of you to show support to Fabio, it wil benefit him ad the whole squad. Lets all cross our fingers and hope for an injury free season for him and hope he'll get his motor running."
11th May 2013 9:45
"Hear hear Danny!"
11th May 2013 9:59
"Borini is a good a player and may find it more difficult to find a starting place next season if we buy another striker, but thats for him to stay fit, step up and prove himself. YNWA"
11th May 2013 10:22
"The movement of both Borini & Sturridge on that goal is exactly what you want from your strikers. Borini made a run across the front of the defenders & Sturridge pulled off to the back post,that movement makes it very hard for defenders to pick them up & gave the crossing player options pull it back like he did to Borini or he could of played it to the back post for Sturridge. "
11th May 2013 10:35
"Borini must be so frustrated! hopefully he can get 1 or 2 before seasons end. he definately has alot of talent!"
11th May 2013 10:51
"Borini is an excellent who needs to be given time! Look at how long Lucas took to gain our confidence! Fabio is very young and can only improve with proper guidance and training! We need a pool of strikers. Even if another striker were to come in Fabio would still be needed! YNWA!"
11th May 2013 11:05
"If another striker comes in (bought or Andy's back) then I think a loan would be a good deal, as he needs game time after the injuries and can show how good he is. Only then can we really judge him."
11th May 2013 11:53
"To be fair to Borini- he actually makes some really good runs, just nobody ever looks up to pick him out. Ill judge him next season."
11th May 2013 11:57
"I doubt it. "
11th May 2013 12:07
"I reckon Sturridge does know something that we don't. Maybe borini will surprise all of us."
11th May 2013 12:38
"Respectful comments from DS, showing how much a team player he's understood he needs to develop into. Borini just hasn't had a fair run of games to offer credible judgement on whether or not he is LFC's future. The lad needs to be given a chance & LS's absence should give him it, although a new striker is still needed."
11th May 2013 13:31
"agree with Daniel I think an injury free borini will be a real asset to our squad with his intelligent movement and a bit more luck in front of goal "
11th May 2013 14:24
"Borini is a difficult one. Seems to be a headless chicken at times and loses the ball to easy."
11th May 2013 14:32
"Not Sure...but givng him benefit of doubt as was injured a lot..Do Know, we need a PROVEN TOP BOX Striker come transfer time..Not a young boy to nurture into our play..pity Maxi left..hed fit right in now on wing!!"
11th May 2013 14:50
"He's been unlucky with injuries. Hope he gets a good run of games to show his true value since Suarez is injured. Hopefully he'll prove himself a good goal scoring/assisting wing-forward."
11th May 2013 15:14
"Would love to see fabio succeed but alongside allen he has so far looked a poor buy. The lad is willing and that is good, maybe with a good preseason and if he is played as a forward instead of on the wing he will improve."
11th May 2013 15:52
"We only can wish for another few players like you dan YNWA"
11th May 2013 16:02
"it is a shame Maxi left, but he had very good reasons for leaving after being marginalised in his final season, like Kuyt and Bellamy, this has now been balanced with the arrival of PC and DS, so we will need another attacker next season to make us stronger, the future looks bright!"
11th May 2013 16:19
"The newcastle strike was skillful and showed presumably why he was bought. Needs a run of games(say, 10?) and then we'll see..."
11th May 2013 16:31
"Borini is a decent quality striker - good back up and can sometimes make a difference coming on as a sub."
11th May 2013 16:31
"I dont know if Borini will get that many games in a row depends who we buy in the summer, I do believe he is a good addition to the squad and can play right across the front line, he did take the goal well against NUFC, but it was his movement that created the goal! Good movement is critical to a strikers success..."
11th May 2013 16:52
"Keeping clean sheets is great, but there have been too many stalemates lately. One of the players has to take responsibility and decide that he is the one who is going to change the game."
11th May 2013 19:05
"wow, how many liverpool fans intending to be deluded should I see? sack borini, enrique, allen, downing,"
11th May 2013 20:12
"some times on this site u get something like the communist propaganda when everybody new that there is no bread they used to say that there is a surplus of bread. and this is the same borini is not good enough and no need to add a spin on it just get good players the next time u buy."
11th May 2013 20:14
"Just a very average, nothing special, mediocre player, he's so laid back with no sense of urgency. There is much better out there. "
11th May 2013 20:46
"rushjob -agree "
11th May 2013 20:52
"Yes he has suffered with injuries but he has missed loads of sitters this season.Like Joe Allen it's all about stepping up next season or it's "See you later"."
12th May 2013 0:27
"I like all of our strikers, kiessling of bayer leverkusen would fit in and maybe eriksen would be a nice buy. would not spend more than 22 million combined on both either which is pretty good."