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It is crying out for young Wisdom to be given a chance & stake his claim for Carragher's shirt. Come on Andre lad!
8th May 2013 14:01
8th May 2013 14:06
"Come on Wisdom, seize the moment. You are a very exciting prospect for the future."
8th May 2013 14:06
"Quick and well rehabilitation, Agger - I really enjoy and see you as a main defender for many years now so if this will strength your body even more - so let it be! YNWA!!"
8th May 2013 14:20
"Give Wisdom a shot at CB over Skrtel! "
8th May 2013 14:33
"Coates need this 2 remaining games to showcase his qualities....."
8th May 2013 14:36
"Skrtel back in the lineup then. Not necessarily a bad thing. "
8th May 2013 14:39
"That's a good decision cos we virtually have nothin' to play for during this campaign. Now step up Martin Srktel!!!"
8th May 2013 14:45
"BR and the transfer commitee have some decisions to make in the summer re: the futures of Skrtel,Coates and Wilson. Kelly,Agger and Wisdom are the future plus hopefully a class centre back signing.My preference would be Thomas Vermaalen as I think Wenger would let him go.Certainly better than Williams."
8th May 2013 15:00
"Kelly more like it but if andre does, it would be interesting because that's why he was subbed of on Monday against united and might not play on Friday "
8th May 2013 15:07
"I agree with RedHH83, give Andre the Giant a chance at CB lets see what he can do in the next two games, it may save the club a small fortune. Over to you Andre!"
Coutinho 2020
8th May 2013 15:09
"I was just looking at the Leagure table. If West Ham was to get a draw or better against the toffees. We can still end up above them. So there is something to play for !! We can win last 2 games whereas Everton are away to Chelsea last game. "
8th May 2013 15:16
"Or Martin Kelly... "
8th May 2013 15:17
"Seb Coates could get a chance to show his potential... which I think is very good."
8th May 2013 15:18
"L-MAN07 ye cause Wenger will want to sell the only decent CB he has eh please think before spouting such rubbish please. Pretty much a cert that Skrtel will replace him last 2 games & I hope he uses them to show he deserves his place in the starting 11 next season. I don't see our centre pair as the problem more the 2 either side of them need replaced with better defenders."
8th May 2013 15:33
"Seb Coates should be given a chance to prove his worth in the last two games"
8th May 2013 15:38
"i will prefer LFC to allow Reina, Johnson and Enrique to go for treatment while our future players end the season. what do you guys think...."
8th May 2013 15:40
8th May 2013 15:41
"lfc7Suarez very observant"
8th May 2013 15:53
"No Gerrard or Agger means some youngsters could get a chance-and hopefully show off some of next seasons talents."
8th May 2013 16:00
"it is a credit to the Management skill of BR and the medical team to keep him and gerrard to fit to play to so often, great work."
8th May 2013 16:04
"Sorry to go way off the subject but...Moyes to be next Man U boss, THE DEMISE BEGINS TODAY! "
8th May 2013 16:08
"Sit back Fergie and squirm as we get back to the top - DAVID MOYES? HA!"
Billy B girl
8th May 2013 16:13
"Good luck with your treatment Danny. You have been fantastic for us all season, have a good rest and recoup YNWA"
Billy B girl
8th May 2013 16:15
"Coates has little or no chance under BR ! he's tall and didn't play for Swansea or Reading !"
Billy B girl
8th May 2013 16:17
"Off subject The Echo have a story that BR is wanted by Man City - I only pray this is true ........."
8th May 2013 16:22
"Coates is the obvious choice for 2 games. "
8th May 2013 16:26
"Kingclubs- agree cant wait to see manures demise- anyway good luck agger and billy b are u guna change the tune anytime soooooooon? Lol"
8th May 2013 16:28
"Actually, Skrtel will get in ahead of Coates surely?"
8th May 2013 16:28
"Have we anymore who need fixed ? The best news I have had all season is from old T. at least now with Fergie gone we may get ten points closer to utd. Its been a season of disapointment, lets hope we have enough good players left to make the last two games winable , finishing with two draws or two defeats would be a terrible way to end this season."
8th May 2013 16:36
"I genuinely believe The good times are going to be back at Anfield, Fergie goes, Moyes moves on, so next season we will be up there, Everton in a relegation fight, Man U in disarray.. good times ahead."
8th May 2013 16:37
"Might as well rest all of the first team and give the Under 21s a go as they seem to be doing a lot better than our first team!"
8th May 2013 16:39
"the has been a great season in regards to building our playing style and recruitment, BR is Managing in a professional way and the club has needed that to iron out past problems! The Building work this season has been crucial so next season can be a good one!"
8th May 2013 16:40
"Would love to see Coates play two 90 mins games given his lack of chances to shine & perform consistently..."
8th May 2013 16:40
"All the BR doubters (muppets) will soon stop posting on here once we are half through next season as they will having nothing to doubt him about..."
8th May 2013 16:54
8th May 2013 16:54
"Coates % Kelly for central defence. Get Coady into midfield. "
8th May 2013 16:56
"Mouriinho to Chelski, Moyes to United, Phil Neville takes over at Goodison."
8th May 2013 17:00
8th May 2013 17:04
"TheLight. You are a Bell honestly. I haven't commented much lately but viewed comments, all you do is look out for people to disagree with and try and get an arguement going. Grow up lad, it's boring and frankly quite pathetic. "
8th May 2013 17:04
"Rememeber if someone has an opposing opinion to yourself at least don't resolve to insults. Hate how a certain couple try to make camps on here. We all support the same team lad"
8th May 2013 17:05
"Loz- and we are mid table cos BR will not have Suarez for 7 games to rescue him."
8th May 2013 17:08
"Andre Wisdom to play please. Proper good lad and seems to have a great combination of pace and power."
8th May 2013 17:21
"Give coates a chance or skrtel (hes too good to sit on the bench)"
8th May 2013 17:23
"Hope jonjo doesnt get Stevie G's spot either, earn it and start by joining the back of the line"
8th May 2013 17:40
"wow Ani.. I have not said anything about anyone else... you just did though... all I have give is my support to the club... if that rubs you up you really need to luck in the your probably the cause of your own anger...??"
8th May 2013 18:01
"Hope the treatment goes well. Have to say Agger has been my favourite player for the last few years. Love the way he conducts himself on and off the pitch. Now it's a chance to impress for a few others"
8th May 2013 18:19
"First SG and now Agger??? Its seems we have accepted 7th place. Although, many don't see Everton losing their last two games, its still possible, and I feel we are settling not to top them. Hmmm "
8th May 2013 18:32
"hey buddha, i think they have accepted 7th and just want to prepare for next season getting everyone ready, I am fine with that, we have moved one place up the table and will move further up again next season! all good to me!"
8th May 2013 18:36
"Skrtel of course gets his place back, as for the demise of utd not a hope they are poor but 30pts better than us only AF is going they still have the top scouts will continue to sign the best players unfortunately."
8th May 2013 18:40
"The manu news is great in more ways than one, Suarez controversy is no news anymore ie yesterdays news, will take pressure of Luis, big news now is saf retirement and new man etc so this gets Luis off the hook. So don't you worry about a thing King Luis just stay fit for your return, can't wait!! "
8th May 2013 18:46
"looks like were getting ashley williams if rodgers as anything to do with it. oh and when the or the owners shove reina and suarez out the door we will most prob get a rubbish goalie in and another of rodgers dodgy buys upfront"
8th May 2013 18:58
"I don't geddit. Why can't this be done during the break when there aren't any compet.i.tive matches to play? Of course, we can't let anything so minor as surgery get in the way of the players' holidays. You've got to get your priorities right y'know! It just seems so complacent."
8th May 2013 19:04
"Likely to be Skertel or Coates, but it would be good to see either Kelly or Wisdom playing in the centre back position."
8th May 2013 19:16
"The reason they're getting sorted now is so they can start pre-season with all the rest. Why risk them in the final 2 games when we're relying on other results anyway. The season is done, bring the young 'uns back in for the last 2 and let's look forward to next season!"
8th May 2013 19:18
"Yep...Andre deserve a change a centre back. "
8th May 2013 19:18
"Benitez to Everton - would he?"
8th May 2013 19:19
"Michael Owen seizing the moment to lick up to fergo just makes my stomach churn up."
8th May 2013 19:31
"TheLight. In fairness today you haven't been as bad. Just reading articles the other day and every article was good natured debate. Then you would pipe up in a procative manner saying things like 'for all those idiots who want BR out' etc. No relevance to stories ar all. You were just arguing with yourself as everyone ignored ya! "
8th May 2013 19:31
"There seems to be a lot of calmness on these boards lately. Just felt you where trying to start some needle. Most times a laugh but sometimes I think , geta life."
8th May 2013 19:59
"that season was mediocre but hopefully lessons have been learned, new players are bought and those who dont want to be here get shipped out. you have until christmas BR, after that you must do the decent thing."
8th May 2013 20:00
"AN-RD-2005 there is a difference between constructive criticism & blatent hate comments that i see on this site directed at our clubs manager & certain players that serve no purpose & isnt welcome by anyone that SUPPORTS LFC. Yes everyone is allowed an opinion etc but when the same people are leaving constant hate comments this is actually against the sites rules. "
8th May 2013 20:06
"If you care to look at those rules theres a bit about leaving comments that can be seen to be bad mouthing any member of the LFC staff or players or anyone connected to LFC that is disrespectful to them that could offend them or offend orhers on this site. Too many people leave pointless reapeted hate comments on every BR related story."
8th May 2013 20:10
"TheLight i think is the same as me & shares the frustration of how those same people are still being allowed to fill this site with pointless hate comments directed at our manager,players & owners. I don't see anything wrong with the odd critics that also leave positive comments when deserved but there is certain people that only come on this & leave hate filled comments. "
8th May 2013 20:15
"Agger has had a good season almost injury free must be his first, fantastic footballer and great defender looking forward to seeing him and MS back in tandem next season,"
8th May 2013 20:19
"CARPE DIEM!!! SEIZE THE DAY RODGERS< FSG AND LFC!!! FERGIE IS GONE! Waited 20 years! Do what fergie did when King Kenny left. SIEZE THE FRACKING MOMENT!"
8th May 2013 20:20
"CARPE DIEM!!! SEIZE THE DAY RODGERS< FSG AND LFC!!! FERGIE IS GONE! Waited 20 years! Do what fergie did when King Kenny left. SIEZE THE FRACKING MOMENT!"
8th May 2013 20:21
"The usual one is that BR only signs ex reading or swansea players which is clearly not true he has signed players from the italian,german & dutch leagues to but funny those people seem to overlook this fact. They even throw constant hate comments on the media rumour part if they see a player they don't want they talk like every rumour is true & criticise BR so yes bunch of idiots. "
Dede 7
8th May 2013 20:29
"Pliz give Coates a chance in the remaining two games. hiz still young and i think chances of improving are high. if not he should be loaned out but not selling him."
8th May 2013 20:38
"I still don't get why key players' absences aren't explained more explicitly . If key players are being treated early so they can play pre- season, why isn' t this explained? Couldn't they have waited ? Are their conditions so bad? And if so, why weren't they treated earlier? Would their holidays have been drastically effected.? Is it contagious? Can I go too now boss?"
8th May 2013 20:44
"Off the topic, looks likes it's Moyes for Manure. I think this is great for us personally. Moyes is no fergie so United how ever good just won't be the same. And as for the bitters, Moyes was doing a n impossible job with limited resources where as I reckon most will fail because in truth they are a small club with no money ;) "
8th May 2013 20:45
"BLIND FAITH IS EASY.Watch and learn again next season. BR is a mid table muppet.We are sick of BS and "A WORK IN PROGRESS". Would any LFC manager have given up overtaking Everton except this t..t"
8th May 2013 20:54
"Good idea getting it out of the way now. Would like to see Coates get a run out or one of the other young lads, I can't see it though myself (skrtle back in). This is also my first comment on the great lfc site, had to join in bcoz of all these muppets ging off players/ the manager etc.. I for one never expected much from a season of REBUILDING I can see good progress being made. "
8th May 2013 21:04
"same as kenny a fergie comes round only once awile. moyes ain it! if liverpool are unable , unwillimg or plain dumb to step into the breech then we have no one to blame if we spend another 20 yrs lookin up. cmo0n lfc THIS is the real break we year MUUST be ours. united in transition surly br anf fsg need to deliver the tile not jus top 4"
8th May 2013 21:17
"5TIMES-You talk as though we are 2nd or 3rd.Look at the table this year mate.Rodgers is talking 5 YEARS "
8th May 2013 21:54
"That was BEFORE fergie quit dude.I'm saying united will be in transition and so are all top clubs really.The door is cracked, we need to barge through in good old liverpool fashion. Chances like this come every once in 20-30 years.Fergie took the last one when kenny quitting broke the LFC dynasty. WE need to return the favor NOW."
8th May 2013 21:56
"Forget the table, forget the formbooks. This golden opp must be taken by US. if we dont another club may replace united.We cant let that happen. This summer is crucial for LFC. I hope FSG and Rodgers all understand this, and are on the same page. TBH i never thought fergie would go for another 5 years, so this is aweseom news!"
8th May 2013 22:16
"To Scotty78, I am with you, with the amount of hate comments towards FSG and Rodgers I try as a genuine fan to balance it with what I consider real support for my club and then I get slandered for it... "
8th May 2013 22:20
"to F5times, sounds good to me!"
8th May 2013 22:33
"Hope all goes well for Agger. Would want to see Coates in his place for last 2 games. "
8th May 2013 22:50
"A young side for the last 2 matches of the season! I hope DAgger gets better after this treatment, he's had this issue for a while. Skrtel? "
8th May 2013 23:24
"Loz99-spot on with owen comment. Making sure he gets fergies horses and all contacts to train."
9th May 2013 1:58
"Excuse me redhh83, Martin Kelly should have the chance to claim his position for next year"
9th May 2013 7:56
"Now is your chance wisdom!"
9th May 2013 10:00
"From personal experience of a bad back injury, I would recommend that Daniel Agger to hit the gym and do some deadlifts. It worked wonders for my back, and made me more stable and strengthened it. the trick is to do it in the right form, have the bar skim your shins up to your knees when bringing it up. "
9th May 2013 10:42
"Hope agger gets the better of his back problems as he is one of the best when fully fit. Our defense and dm position will have to be strengthened over the summer as we have lost carra and skrtel might also go. Our young guns are not yet ready to play regularly in the premier league."
9th May 2013 12:30
"Hope Everything Goes Very Well For You Daniel and That Your Back Playing For The Team By Next Season If Not Sooner. YNWA REDS."
10th May 2013 7:57
"Wish u a very successful treatment...... You remain my favourite in Liverpool Centre Back."