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there no point we have wisdom coming through who is a young version off him
8th May 2013 10:53
8th May 2013 11:00
"we dont want him"
8th May 2013 11:00
"Totally off topic but we will now see how loyal the man utd fans are in the coming years. No more fergie stuck with the glaziers me thinks frustrating times ahead for the utd fans wooohahahahaha. Lets hope they have to sit back & watch LFC & their noisey nieghbours finish above them. Man utd also depend financialy on success lets hope moyes gets the job haha "
8th May 2013 11:01
"Nooooooooo !! Good player but not good enough for us.Too old,too slow and far too expensive"
8th May 2013 11:37
"Williams is 28 and in Kelly and Wisdom LFC do have much younger players and products of the academy so I only hope this Williams scenario is not true and money being spent in much better acquisitions."
8th May 2013 12:41
"I dont think he will be worth it, watched him last night, wasnt all that."
8th May 2013 12:42
"If not in Europe next season then we have enough players in all the positions..."
8th May 2013 12:48
"this is all Williams' agents doing, BR does not even want him, as reported by the Echo. "
8th May 2013 12:49
"higuain ,ben arfa or robben 2 out the 3 douglas or william or virj, 2 of them alonso ,hamsik, eriksen or benat sell downing, wilson ,spearing,allen,assaidi,jones,paccecho,caroll,borini,coates"
8th May 2013 12:51
"to Scotty78, I agree, I think if fergie leaves and Moyes leaves things could get very interesting in the league..."
8th May 2013 12:58
"Let Arsenal have him and if there looking to off load Vermaelen I'd certainly consider bringing him to Anfield. "
8th May 2013 12:58
"hot good enough for Liverpool. If he were good enough he would have proved it before Another Charley Adam scenario. He would be moving on after 1 season. Stop buying cut price!"
8th May 2013 13:05
"let the Gunners av him,spend that money wisley in the summer"
8th May 2013 13:20
"No way. to old, to slow and by far to expensive. We have Kelly and Wisdom, both 6 years younger and as good as"
8th May 2013 13:46
"BR if you want all the Swansea players who are not up to our standard go back to Swansea. Think bigger mate and you might just achieve bigger"
8th May 2013 14:11
"we already got as good if not better than him "
8th May 2013 14:23
"Let Wenger have him and put in a cheeky £5m bid for Vermaelen"
8th May 2013 14:53
"I hate this bloke!!!"
8th May 2013 15:42
"are you guys saying BR don't know any other player than those from Cheki youth, swamsea and reading. scout please don't allow this man to bring his former player. we have enough."
Save us Kenny
8th May 2013 15:48
"We dont want him, get decent players in this time, not like last summer"
8th May 2013 16:18
"If we pay 10 million for a 28 year old then were incredibly stupid and it takes out the majority of our budget. Van persie = 20million, Sneijder = 10 million. I know it's completely different players, but he hasn't got the quality to sell for 10 million at his age. Lets be clever liverpool, don't be stupid please"
8th May 2013 16:21
""imascouse" hit the nail right on the head, all his signings minus countiho (the only achiever) has come from past clubs at an alot lower level... what's the point in taking over a bigger football club when your just going to buy the players you were sitting mid table with. Think big, scout good, we don't want to be reading or swansea thanks... "
8th May 2013 16:24
"Were not using coates, or skrtel, so be fair to coates - sell him so he can plan first time football elsewhere sell skrtel as he doesn't seoem to be fitting into the new style. Buy a decent centre back at a young age, or an experienced one for cheaper (not a mediocre 10m player) and give wisdom an opportunity as our step-in centre back. "
8th May 2013 16:30
"At what point have we ever aspired to be Swansea? Doesn't fit the FSG footprint for age and value so I am taking this as media garbage and I sincerely hope it is."
8th May 2013 16:47
"1st of all, AW is decent and why wouldnt BR go back to former players who he knows have the drive and mentality . Forget the summer window, the scouting was not in place and Rodgers had to give some players here a chance to show they might have what it takes, so couldn't sell the whole team. "
redhead lfc6
8th May 2013 16:50
"would be a pointless signing we would then have agger skrtel wisdom kelly cotes and him next season and £10million is too much for a player we dont need "
8th May 2013 16:52
"Saying he plays for swansea so isn't good enough for Liverpool is ridiculous. there are better individual players who will get relegated than some who have won the league. Football is a team sport, and its about building a team with quality not just a squad of quality players, city and chelski have proven that this year. clearly have the most quality squads but nowhere near utd in the end "
8th May 2013 16:54
"What happened to the toby alderweireld links. I think he could be the way to go. Not opposed to Dede either!"
8th May 2013 16:56
"t0m11...see your point, but we cant rely on wisdom taking over from Carra. JC was slow and old but still the most valuable part of our defense this year. its his leadership that needs to be replaced above all. Wisdom is not ready to be our defensive captain, nor is the likes of Sama who is a leader, just young "
8th May 2013 17:03
"redhead lfc6... you think we dont need a CD? that woould be my 1st priority! Also the list of current cbs you gave there, i think Dagger is the most likely to still be here next year. And this yr is the only one who showed he is good enough, i like MS but he needs to show some fight, leadership and composure. The tough appearance he has needs to sink into his personality! "
8th May 2013 17:32
"This whole Ashley Williams saga is a mere speculation & result of lazy journalism."
8th May 2013 17:49
"we don't want him.. mot for 10 mil.. 5 is ok but 10 is just rubbish.. Arsenal can pay 10, we are one overpaying for mediocre players."
8th May 2013 17:52
"we are DONE overpaying for mediocre players... I wanted to put there.. "
8th May 2013 17:59
"Well well no more fergie time the old toilet,next season when are they going to score their goals"
8th May 2013 18:46
"the computer sorry the committee says no, we got skrtel agger kellt coates and wisdom that's enough,"
8th May 2013 19:25
"NO if Liverpool Should buy any one from Swansea Michu would be nice but Vorm for a replacement for pepe "
8th May 2013 19:27
"Laughing at all the clueless fans that think United will sink because old whiskey nose is retiring. As much as we may hate him, he is the best manager to set foot in the PL and his legacy will be remembered by all for many decades. He has built a winning squad which takes time. BR has only just started! "
8th May 2013 19:29
"United will no doubt be in the top 3 next season as they have done for over 20 years! BR, get your signings right over the summer and we will get back into the top 4. "
8th May 2013 19:57
"We rather offer 10m for Michu!!!"
8th May 2013 20:15
8th May 2013 21:09
"Heck no, NO, NO, not what we need. This is a guy who has publicly slated LS. Having him there might cause some trouble"
8th May 2013 23:22
"We have some fine young defenders already well schooled in the Liverpool way, we don't need this guy. We could bring in some high profile experienced dudes like Olsen West Brom or Coloccini possibly but is that really necessary? Scott Dann (Scouser) anyone? I think we have what we need already in Coates, Kelly, Wisdom and Samir and Skirtel (Error Prone Guy). "
8th May 2013 23:38
"Benetez to City, Mourinho to Chelsea, Owen Coyle to Everton, Moyes to Manu. Think Phil Neville might be another option for Everton. We're only 1 year into FSG's ten year plan, next season we could see us step up a gear but only if we get real quality, end product players. "
9th May 2013 2:59
"to be perfectly honest I doubt that we will see any of the players talked about moving to us in the summer. BR will surprise us as he did in the first summer transfer window. I think he might have players close to signing already. He will have to sell some boys to increase his kitty but that is to be expected. Might surprise us again with who goes and who comes home "
9th May 2013 4:07
"IN Victor Wanyama 10m Christian Eriksen 15m Henrik Mkhitaryan 15m Tom Ince 5m Toby Alderweireld 7m Ashley Williams 8m David Villa 7m = 60 m â"
9th May 2013 4:08
" Out Danny Wilson 1m, Jay Spearing 4m, Oussama Assaidi 4m, Andy Carroll 17m, Martin Å krtel 10m , Daniel Pacheco 3m , Sebastián Coates 6m = 45m My dream summer we ill fight for top 4 really hard with this squad .. Suso and Shelvey should b loanedâ"
9th May 2013 7:08
"Williams is not Good Enough to play for a team that is Good Enough to play Champions Lge football, Simple As That, and if that's where we want to be then it must be without Williams. He will be 29 when next season starts. Come on ! if he is worth 10m Surely he would have been playing Prem lge football longer than 2 seasons ??????"
9th May 2013 9:39
"Let's not waste good money on him give the young lads a chance"
9th May 2013 12:14
"let him go somewhere else. we dont want him.YNWA"
9th May 2013 15:19
"We dont really need williams at 10m as it will eat up our budget!!!! Id rather we got Damaio/Benteke, Eriksen, Ben arfa/ Ince, Diame, the Ajax captain for 8m and Douglas for free. We can get all these with our budget and player sales."
9th May 2013 20:40
"No no please, not at that price."
9th May 2013 21:29
"Wisdom & kelly, good as they are,are not ready for c.b. position for premier league yet. At this stage we need someone fully ready or we are going to end up in a lower position than this season."
10th May 2013 9:25
"this is a up for his career.. not for LFC'S progress..Arsenal can have him."
10th May 2013 11:47
"Eriksen 14m,Douglas free,LB Sandro from porto 10m,Ince or Snclair for 5-7m,Di Maria or Sanchez or Jovetic 20-23m, if not this 3 somthing cheaper,Arda,Menez,Mertens 10-15m,that's it.out Carroll 10-14m, Downing 7-10m,Coates 5m,Spearing Pacheco and Wilson each of them 2m.And we have a beast team for next season"
10th May 2013 15:02
"If Rodgers wastes 10m on Shirley Williams he should be sacked."