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Arsenal can have him..
8th May 2013 13:11
8th May 2013 13:31
"really think sebastian could do a job, also would not give up on skirtel"
8th May 2013 14:49
"I simply hate this guy cos of his comments 'bout Suarez & besides, i didn't know him before his st.up.i.d words so arsenal can have him."
8th May 2013 15:43
"there is no competition from liverpool because we don't need him."
8th May 2013 18:47
"not again no thanks"
8th May 2013 22:52
"28 and mediore at £10M. I dont think so!"
9th May 2013 7:11
""Williams is not Good Enough to play for a team that is Good Enough to play Champions Lge football, Simple As That, and if that's where we want to be then it must be without Williams. He will be 29 when next season starts. Come on ! if he is worth 10m Surely he would have been playing Prem lge football longer than 2 seasons ??????""
9th May 2013 11:13
"Coates, Wisdom, Kelly, Wilson, coach,train and develop any of these, do you know we have the best production line in our academy but don't give them chances, look at Ince Thomas. Forget about this Swan. "
9th May 2013 12:04
"why keep linking williams with Liverpool WE DONT WANT HIM.He dont like SUAREZ so i dont like him end of.YNWA"
9th May 2013 12:32
"Please don't..."
Big Osebasa
10th May 2013 13:21
"Don't waste a penny on him."