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I'm so excited to welcome the reds to our home :) I completely agree with this guy. I'm a South African Liverpool supporter and I bleed Liverpool Red <3 YNWA
8th May 2013 12:54
8th May 2013 15:18
"This sort of reaction makes me feel very humble. I was lucky enough to be born and bred in Anfield in the 1950's and have been a red all my life but to see this response to a friendly match from people who are wealthy in desire but not financially, makes my heart burst with pride!"
8th May 2013 18:39
"lol why is it tagged as baconface"
8th May 2013 18:43
"its not a surprise to me as an African i know that liverpool is the most supported team in southern Africa. go reds i'm proud of u."
8th May 2013 21:05
"Can't wait!!!! Really hope the tickets won't be sold out on day one as I might only be able to get some the next day. Really can't wait!!!!!! YNWA"
8th May 2013 21:09
"I know our Club will be blown away by the support and reception they receive and they won't take another 20 years to come back. Please bring SG to recuperate. Can't wait... YNWA"
Afrika Kop
8th May 2013 23:42
"THis is is absolutely perfect stuff. I am so excited and will be cheering and tweeting/reporting from the stadium!"
9th May 2013 9:37
"It is was really great to see our stars for the World Cup in 2010 but will be even better to see LFC our team live on our door step in Cape Town. South Africa has got Liverpool fever once again. Thanks to LFC and City of CT to make this happen YNWA"
10th May 2013 9:28
"have to be there.. cant wait for a maybe return trip.. have a safe trip and hope to see all there..oh and smash the stuffing out my compatriots lol.. YNWA."