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3-5-2 for next season. Reina, Agger, Williams, Skrtel, Enrique, Coutinho, Lucas, Gerrard, Johnson, Sturridge, Suarez. Subs: Jones, Kelly, Wanyama, Henderson, Suso, Honda, Carroll. Borini and Coates loaned out. Rest sold.
6th May 2013 10:50
6th May 2013 11:00
"buy eriksen and wanyama. that would settle a lot of problems. sell carroll, spearing and wilson. keep skrtel and make sure coady and coates move up the ranks."
6th May 2013 11:17
"your right about one thing BR i think its meant to say find one or two players but instead it says fine and i think a lot of them should recieve a fine for not trying hard enough"
6th May 2013 12:22
"Coates is a human being like all of us so he should not be written off quite the contrary he should be given all the help he needs equally I have noticed he has been in the sub bench for possibly the last 6/8 games that means he is not a bad player."
6th May 2013 12:55
"BISTRY - Players like Coates and Borini need a season long loan in the championship to toughen up and get game time. They play 46 matches in the champiomship so it would give us the chance to see exactly how good they are. Looking back at my 1st comment, wouldn't mind Douglas instead of Williams :) "
6th May 2013 13:27
"2 players with goal scoring abillities julian draxler & christian tello both very young so they fit the criteria. diame and a replacement for carra. to finish the transfer window of ochoa mexicos goalie. top4 here we come"
6th May 2013 14:19
"Mamadou Sakho, Luke Shaw, Alex Song, Henrik Mkhitaryan and Alexis Sanchez. That's all we need and they are players that are affordable but the only problem is will they come to Liverpool if so called "bigger teams" go after them."
6th May 2013 15:11
"If we're going to loan out players, let's get them into decent football playing sides like Cardiff, Brighton and Swansea. Also, we don't just need technically gifted players, they also need that winning mentality - ATUDE & EFFORT!!! That's what Slur Alex goes out and gets - let's take a leaf out of their book and then we can knock them off that *uckin' perch!"
6th May 2013 16:19
"Ola Toivenon would be nice, Cavanni would be fantastic and would delight Luis Suarez, in fact he would be jumping for joy!! A signing like Cavanni would scare the wits out of the top 4 teams. Signings this summer could be really pivotal, but as usual, they will need time to mould into our system ala Hendo and StewDow. "
6th May 2013 16:25
"Coates was the top young South American player of the year, won Copa De America trophy. Hasn't reached his full potential here yet. Carra says Agger and Coates are the future, I agree, he didn't say Skirtel, who I believe is finished at Liverpool, too prone to costly blunders not reliable enough, should have got Gary Cahill when we had the chance. Scott Dann (scouser) was also an option."
6th May 2013 16:27
"Hope we start to move up the gears next season, a poor season this year is hardly surprising as Brendan has to start from almost scratch, so give him a chance! "
6th May 2013 16:43
"Cavani would be a first class acquisition, but he'll want CL (FACT) and would command a top wage (FACT) we can't promise either. Benteke please!"
6th May 2013 18:12
"Skrtel is a very good player in my eyes, just a bit slowish and lacks techniques. But try to beat him in the air man:D he is like terminator who needs a bit of the skill on passing and going forward. Which i think is doable over the summer."
6th May 2013 19:29
"MS is a top defender, all our defenders have had dips this season but he was only 1 to be dropped hope he stays and also coates,"
7th May 2013 2:02
"Showed against Everton we need another striker! To compete and provide cover for Luis and Daniel. Also a couple of wingers."
7th May 2013 10:09
"I think BR has given us the clue that Henderson and Downing are going out!They are players who "fly" when we play a non-flying teams .They don't belong here.If at all BR must stay here he is expected to come with some real players."