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Don't blame sturridge for his selfishness. Except s couple of occasion there was not really a player in the box to tap in. Also he's not bad wen it comes to long range shooting. Heads up & play organised in the next 2 matches. YNWA.
6th May 2013 9:13
Papa Syed
6th May 2013 9:38
"Well said Daniel. Carra is always one of LFC's great legends. Sorely missed next season. Come back as a coach mate! Or LFC Manager! YNWA JAMIE CARRAGHER!"
6th May 2013 10:05
"Our biggest game of the season played with the same kind of passion and intensity associated with a testimonial. Awful, Awful,Awful.... Neverton 5 points ahead surely that should of been big enough motivation in itself."
6th May 2013 10:32
"Surridge your touches are awful and too ambitious long distance shooting. Stop talking and improve your game."
6th May 2013 10:38
"Think Caulker should be considered ahead of Williams he is young and has already played for England ."
6th May 2013 10:48
"DS was a greedy git yesterday has to learn to look round to see who's better placed than him before firing into the stands, don't think he lacks confidence just needs to be a better team player."
6th May 2013 10:50
"you need to take a leaf out of carras book daniel i thought you were very lazy yesterday"
Gerrard o ya beauty
6th May 2013 10:59
"Sturridge made a amazing chance for Hendo to tap in when Gerrard played a quality ball and it was a great touch and ball into the box but unfortunately we have too many dire players in downing and Hendo, they've proved they can't be consistent throughout a season, both should and will be on the bench next season. Come on now let's get some quality in the summer YNWA"
6th May 2013 11:08
"We played well yesterday and reduced Everton to scraps. They came to defend and were happy with a draw. They knew a draw would probably make them stay on top of us this season. I have a funny feeling they are going to lose their last two games and we will win ours, remember where you heard this first. "
6th May 2013 11:13
"maybe AC will bang in a couple v them next week and chelski should beat them."
6th May 2013 11:21
"Won't need to remember, buddha, as you are certain to make a point of reminding us all! Assessment for this season- fair but could do better. Quoting many a comment on my old report cards!"
Gerrard o ya beauty
6th May 2013 11:41
"Buddha we did not play well yesterday, the passing was awfull the finishing was awfull, it was like a different team to what played last week and it was such a boring game. Don't no how u can say we played well u must be having a laugh."
YNWA Liverpool FC
6th May 2013 12:26
"YNWA Carra"
6th May 2013 14:24
"Good player, Daniel Sturridge but needs to be consistence with your performance. Everton was a poor game to your performance... YNWA "
6th May 2013 16:48
"Very limp performance yesterday against Everton. They gave us no room unlike Newcastle, so the players had to be imaginative but all fell flat with the only exception being Coutinho and Carragher."
6th May 2013 17:17
"As much as I start to have confidence in BR, I do feel that we play well against teams who allow us be expressive. We are amon-gst the top sides in the Prem in terms of passing and retaining possession. Sadly a lot of teams tactics are to stop us playing! At times like these we need to be able to adapt to the situation and change tactics or have a Plan B. "
6th May 2013 17:17
"We don't which is why we have struggled breakig down teams, particularly teams in the Top10. Yesterday showed how much we miss Luis. Someone to do something out of the ordinary in those tight games. Or Andy Carroll to unsettle the opponments defence."
6th May 2013 18:59
"Agree ani, but he did switch to 3-5-2 in the last few minutes to try and change things up, which is a start so credit where credit is due, though i would like to see us start 3-5-2 some games just so teams don't know what to expect and be pre-prepared."
6th May 2013 19:30
"TBF KingMatt, we did change formation, I had forgot about the 3-5-2 switch. Can't quite put my finger on it but we clearly run out of ideas against certain teams. We are either brilliant or awful. "
6th May 2013 19:30
"Those games when we are superb gives me a lot of encouragement for the future, then we have games where things don't go our way and teams capitalise on it. Sadly there has been too many of those games for me this season. "
7th May 2013 0:48
"We never got to grips with them - never enough bodies forward. We had no clue how to prize them open. Too many of our lads had an off day."
7th May 2013 9:56
"DS is more suitable to a futsal game than a real football game.He does things more to him self than helping the team get some thing out of rear chances.I hope he will work hard on this and come a better neat striker .Or else it would be great to exchange him for Benteke ,a real striker."