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Suarez ...
6th May 2013 9:02
6th May 2013 9:10
"Do not think beyond the liverpool fans & your family when taking a decision. Still plenty to achieve at Liverpool and we need you. He's the only player in the team who can create & score a goal. YNWA."
6th May 2013 9:36
"El pistolero"
6th May 2013 9:50
"STAY Luis... and next season should see us challenging... YNWA"
6th May 2013 10:14
"First photo - nice to see Steve Clarke coming back to help with banner !!"
6th May 2013 10:46
"Luis will miss the first five games of the season and if the computer makes mistakes(of course not being serious)LFC may finish playing at least 2/3 of the top four sides than it can be really costy however I hope Rodgers will have all the time to plan in summer."
6th May 2013 10:55
"Just thinking about the double standard and the fact that the xenophobes at the FA may cost us a fantastic player like Suarez still pees me off just thinking about it. I hope the fact that he is so loved here is enough to convince Suarez to stay. Good job on the banner!"
6th May 2013 11:30
"We love you Luis"
6th May 2013 11:33
"Well deserved. :)"
6th May 2013 13:18
"if suarez played we would surely win it man miss u suarez!! come back stronger!"
6th May 2013 15:24
"Luis Suarez....the best one!!!! "
6th May 2013 16:01
"brilliant just brilliant very thoughtful king luis ynwa"
6th May 2013 17:18
"he is a fighter so he will come back stronegr"
LFC Nuuk Greenland
6th May 2013 18:41
"YNWA Suarez"
6th May 2013 18:46
"FA and the PM only sees suarez's act as violent..they forgive Fellani elbows and luizs shameful it is a parcel of the game according to them..thats why I hate FA and PM..where is justice where is the equality..why only suarez as a target??because the media and FA even a lot of pundits are corrupt..I hate politics..its ruining the beautiful game "
6th May 2013 20:48
"The genius of the Kop is matched only by El Pistolero. This will forever be our leading light "Garra Charrua". Marvellous."
6th May 2013 21:22
"fab banner. come back stronger SUAREZ.YNWA"
6th May 2013 21:27
"lizabenju, We all fantasize occasionally about an ideal world where everything is done fairly and honestly and everyone can be trusted etc, worst folly of all is thinking that officials will be unbiased and impartial etc. That's childish thinking, only exists in Disneyland, when you wish upon a star etc. Welcome to the real world Amigo. "
6th May 2013 21:31
"lizabenju, Never expect anyone to be honest, loyal or trustworthy and you will never be disappointed or disillusioned ever again, try it, it works. "
6th May 2013 21:49
"Only 8 more games to go, you've done it before and always come back stronger, we believe in you Luis Suarez and want you back again, We'll never turn you away, we want you here for ever type of thing. If you left us you'd only be letting the haters win, so sicken them by staying, this is your home lad, we love you and will be behind you all the way! Garra Charrua Amigo YNWA "
7th May 2013 0:39
"We missed him on sunday - I think he and little C would have ran their defence ragged! "