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don't do it again Sturridge,,,you were brilliant against NCFU, but you were too selfish against Everton....
6th May 2013 1:38
6th May 2013 1:54
"liverpool played really well but i wil advice them to take all thier chances"
6th May 2013 4:46
"Given Carroll's form for West Ham we need him back for a plan B. We would have been more threatening and physical with Andy on the end of some crosses. "
6th May 2013 7:57
6th May 2013 8:37
"That good chance for Struridge played through by coutineo, he should have put that away first time!"
6th May 2013 8:41
"Sturridge was to selfish, and I can just predict Rodgers being extremely native and start playing coutinho out of position on the left when he's 10x more effective in the middle, I think he's just as vital as Gerrard and Suarez he's the only player we have who can turn attacks into major chances. But yet again, he'll be played out of position just like Suarez is because of Sturridge..."
6th May 2013 8:45
"Sturridge looks like Ronaldo one game, then the next he's greedy and shocking who won't do any running for his fellow team mates, if he loses the ball he doesn't even bother to try to get it back."
6th May 2013 8:47
"Our DNA is dirk kuyts / luis garcias running mentality, passion, determination, sturridge doesn't have that... I'd prefer to have a player with barely any potiental who will fight for our team then someone who doesn't and plays well in games the were well on top of. If we keep buying players who play well 5/10 games, we won't be successful. It's about consistancy / determination."
6th May 2013 9:40
"I think its high time to brink back rafa with BR we won't go any further Fenway chances are coming to bring back rafa don't let it go"
6th May 2013 10:34
"Everton have beem overall much more consistent and better side than LFC and deserve where they are and I think it is going to be a long and bumpy road ahead starting next season because not only LFC expected to show improvements."