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Wasn't there still talk of a year's extension for Carra? True professional & one of the last true breed of outstanding servants for LFC.
5th May 2013 16:52
5th May 2013 16:53
"I hope Jamie will reconsider and play another season with us"
Billy B girl
5th May 2013 16:58
"Jamie has secured a wonderful job and the start of a new career with Sky sports and I wish him all the best! He will be difficult to replace but BR on the other hand won't!"
5th May 2013 18:01
"Yes Carra will be hard to replace , he is Liverpool through and through. I dread to think who Rodgers has in mind to replace him , some guy from a relagated Reading the last I heard. Two things are certain though who ever we get in will be unheard of and young. Not the ideal replacement for a Liverpool legend."
5th May 2013 18:22
"a legend no doubt, skrtel and agger back together for next season backup Kelly,coates wisdom and sama,"
5th May 2013 18:33
"Simply put, players like Carragher can't, repeat can't be replaced. Some new guy will slip into his place and hopefully establih a great reputation for himself in his own right. There will however, like Stevie G also, never be others like them...Legends, Unforgettable and unreplacable. "
5th May 2013 19:15
"Would love it for him to stay on a player/coaching contract, but failing that staying at the club bringing youth through. I'd prefer BR to test some of the younger CBs out instead of dipping into the transfer market for a CB. Kelly, Wilson, Wisdom, Coates, there must be a reason they're here."
Mr Ostrich
5th May 2013 21:36
"Typical that Carra's final derby would end in a 0-0 stalemate. Epitomizes his playing career...haha. Legend. "
6th May 2013 0:52
"I know Stevie was just trying to big up Carragher because he is a quality PLAYER.......BUT I'm just wondering how Martin Skrtel will feel about Gerrard saying Rodgers will have a problem replacing Carragher, because he REPLACED Carragher last season and did pretty well."
6th May 2013 0:55
"It's almost as if EVERYONE has forgotten what a good defender Skrtel is, and was rightly player of the season last year........based on THAT game against Oldham."
6th May 2013 5:12
"BR is stupid not to talk Carra out of retirement ..Who is he banking on ..SKIRTEL ??..."
6th May 2013 6:06
"Thanks for your 16 years of dedicated services "
6th May 2013 6:18
"why does wmraker say foolish things many times. who told you BR didn't try to talk him out of retiring. the man made up his own mind and his happy with his decision. write comments that make sense and stop bashing BR. smh"
6th May 2013 7:54
"Oh im sure theres another young jamie just waiting to be found, and Rodgers is the right man to do it.On you go!"
6th May 2013 9:19
"Well said Forever4God! Some people come on this site talking as if they had some kind of crystal ball etc "Two things for certain ... bla, bla, bla ...' ? Support the team or at least talk common sense. We are always being hyped as being the most intelligent supporters in the world. Lets live up to it. YNWA! JFT96!"