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Would like to see borini get 25mins- think coutinho will find him in some good space- coutinho is playing well....
5th May 2013 14:25
5th May 2013 15:20
"What's happening to Glen he has been rubbish second half of the season, unsure what to do, taking his time onthe ball, come on Glen your better than this"
5th May 2013 15:26
"Silence is GOLDEN"
5th May 2013 15:27
"It's a Massive SHAME that Jamie Carragher is REtiring at the end of the Season as He was outstanding Again this Afternoon. Please Jamie REconsider. YNWA REDS. "
5th May 2013 15:27
"Fella I always gets away with murder with his Stoke style"
5th May 2013 15:29
5th May 2013 15:29
"End of season game with no impetus from either side and sadly Everton will finish above LFC again.Only chance for LFC in Europe next season will be via fair play door starting in July.Would like to see Dan Sturridgev improve his second touch to keep possesion.Stevie G MOTM."
5th May 2013 15:32
"We were a bit unlucky not to win I think, there were some moments where we looked like 3 pointers, and I guess what goes around comes around with the goal. Elbow kid Fellaini has earned a check in at the FA. if Luis's nibble was anything as dangerous as 3 tries to break a face I think the FA have yet another chance to prove they're hypocritezm. Lovely tinkering and fair play from our lads."
5th May 2013 15:38
"no ambition by the team we should play better next season with Urgency n we need a Fernando Torres we missed Suarez today but Carra Enrique Coutinoh Agger n Stevie were good.lets be consistent next season.."
5th May 2013 15:41
"sisuarez - You are on the wrong site. This site if for Liverpool fans only! "
5th May 2013 15:44
"luis7??9 is right show your support and lie, what a great game, loved how you gave the ball also loved how you never had no passion to win, were gonna win the premiership next time haha what a you are"
5th May 2013 15:47
"Tell it the way it is people, its been a crap season again so the manager and team don't deserve any praise, hope Rodgers get the sack just like King Kenny did for failing, i'll be very annoyed if doesn't get shown the door, Kenny is a legend Rodgers is a nobody, show him the door"
5th May 2013 16:16
"Fellaini is one of the dirtiest players in the premiership"
5th May 2013 16:27
"Sturridge was very lazy today i thought.He said he had a point to prove against chelsea but he should have a point to prove in every game"
5th May 2013 16:30
"The chance Sturridge missed summed up exactly what we have been missing up front, a natural goalscorer. Both Torres and Fowler would have taken the chance early and scored. Sturridge is a good player but not a finisher, he dwells on the ball too long and chances pass him by."
5th May 2013 16:50
"You better start saving those Carra's last Derby photos on to your computers. Shame we didn't win... Carra had a great game... I am hoping the Legend will reconsider and play another season with us. YNWA Carra!"
5th May 2013 16:51
"Disgraceful response by the away fans in response to our "Thanks" mosaic. "
5th May 2013 18:23
"4th picture olian liverpool fan club. it's amazing really"
5th May 2013 19:24
"can you imagine the hype if it was suarez elbowing fellow professionals everytime he couldn't win the ball, yet fallaini (excuse the spelling), gets away with it at least 4 times a game."
5th May 2013 19:26
"got to agree with some comments, sturridge was so poor today"
5th May 2013 19:38
"Hello people, this is about Carra's last derby match so how about you comment about him and stop slating the other players and manager. I'm going to really miss Carra."
Mr Ostrich
5th May 2013 21:35
"Typical that Carra's final derby would end in a 0-0 stalemate. Epitomizes his playing career...haha. Legend. "
6th May 2013 4:38
"THANK YOU CARRA! Felliani made good use of his elbows and was not even warned once! We've got to get quality players to strengthen the squad! YNWA!"
6th May 2013 8:12
"Got to agree with some comments on here, Sturridge should stop trying to walk the ball into the net, he had a poor game. Glen once again was, by his standards awful... Too much dithering from these two. I thought the midfield was solid, and of course Stevie was a large part of that."
6th May 2013 8:52
"this is what has annoyed me all season, smash someone one week, fail to score the next. Rodgers obviously has a massive problem in that some players just are not motivated in some games. You should be motivated for every game if you play for LFC or you shouldnt be playing for LFC full stop! We haven't even won half of our home games this season and that is just not acceptable Mr Rodgers!"
6th May 2013 11:28
"Nice to see the KING & SUAREZ all watching the Reds play at Anfield. i would only wish Luis to us one more chance by staying. YWNA"