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Onwards and upwards lads
5th May 2013 12:37
5th May 2013 12:37
"not a surprise after last week cmon you reds.3pts"
5th May 2013 12:45
"You couldn't change the side after the superb performance last week!! Hope Borini and Assiadi get some game time. They can't be judged on what they have done so far, they haven't been involved enough. "
5th May 2013 13:00
"Glad to see both Suso and Assaidi on the bench. Come on you reds!!! 3 points is all that matters. "
5th May 2013 13:01
"Unchanged line up, unchanged supporters, unchanged determination, unchanged history. LFC is always superior to our neighbor."
5th May 2013 13:03
"3 pretty much strikers on the bench No excuses today lads Come on u redmen!!!!! YNWA"
5th May 2013 13:05
"our defence will come under pressure anichebe and fellani up top,"
5th May 2013 13:51
"That line up has potential. I bet Borini and Shelvey will be given the start midway after the 2nd half mark replacing Sturridge and Lucas. ynwa"
5th May 2013 13:59
"DS is becomming to greedy up front there..why can't he feed others???"
5th May 2013 14:06
"Yawn, are we at home? wouldn't think so"
5th May 2013 14:10
"our fans very quite"
5th May 2013 14:17
"To many players not on there game, hope second half is better than this rubbish, about being brave and trying to win or you just not good enough to win at home to Everton?"
5th May 2013 14:19
"Sturridge has been poor with his heavy first touchs and too ambitious shoots from distance."
5th May 2013 14:21
"Are we playing defensive or wat? What does the coach expect from playing only Sturridge in their half? I expect more bodies in their box else we'll be shocked. NO ROOM FOR COMPLACENCY"
5th May 2013 14:22
"up the tempo lads in 2nd half bitters there for the taking come on you reds YNWA notice negative comments on here again :("
5th May 2013 14:28
"bitters are definitely there for the taking if we add a bit more tempo to our game and a bit more composure on the ball come on mighty reds just do it "
5th May 2013 14:29
"It's been a 50/50 first half. Gerrards been our key player, hope we get that goal or 2 in the 2nd half and win it. Just need to win! "
5th May 2013 14:31
"fellani is a dirty b#####d cmon ref open your eyes"
5th May 2013 14:36
"Haha Sturridge is crap"
5th May 2013 14:43
"better lads keep up the momentum we can do it come on "
5th May 2013 15:03
"unlucky stevie g"
5th May 2013 15:07
"Another boring 0-0, rubbish this team we got, worst ive seen in 37 years"
5th May 2013 15:09
"End of season syndrome kicking in for both sides"
5th May 2013 15:10
"How many times they given the ball away? pathetic"
5th May 2013 15:12
"are you we or they"
5th May 2013 15:15
"borini another dead wood"
5th May 2013 15:25
"This isn't a team, its a mess, yet again failed to finish above Everton, pathetic, hope the team sees my comment cos that's what you are, PATHETIC"
5th May 2013 15:26
"ste2013 5th May 2013 15:07 If you don't like the team or the way they play, stop watching & go support whoever is at the top of the league at the that week."
5th May 2013 15:26
5th May 2013 15:27
"ste2013 - This numpty is not a Liverpool fan so take no notice of this thing. A draw was the right result, neither club did enough to go out there and win it. Was Downing even playing? "
5th May 2013 15:29
"Frustration isn't the word, thatnks for another pathetic season lads, give yourselves a pat on the back, Toss£rs"
5th May 2013 15:32
"ste2013 5th May 2013 15:29 You're certainly not the person I'd want in my trench when the chips are down - odds on favorite to be the first one to run & desert his team - PATHETIC."
5th May 2013 19:36
"I am sick of seeing How timid we become against physical sided. We have only got Aggar who has any idea how to head a ball. Corners, free kicks-waste of time!! Get Andy back ASAP !! "