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no hasbeens please
5th May 2013 10:26
5th May 2013 10:28
"Not gonna happen. "
5th May 2013 10:32
"years too late to sign him doesn't fit in with owners policy does it ???"
5th May 2013 10:38
"World Class striker. Get him. Get back Andy and play Michael Ngoo. Sell Borini."
5th May 2013 11:01
"Would be a good buy to add some experience to the front line. But with Gotze and Lewandowski heading to Bayern, it would be worth a look at getting Gomez. Think Pool can get him at a bargain. Good strong goal machine."
5th May 2013 11:03
"First Cassilas next David Villa....I wonder who's next? hahahahahahaha!"
5th May 2013 11:16
"Well i think villa will be a stunning goal scoring machine for liverpool but instead of spending plenty of money on him i think we should go Kevin Gameiro "
5th May 2013 11:19
"I think a player such as David Villa for football reasons would be great, but nowadays money calls the shots it's not just good enough to play for a prestigious club like L F C, I do hope there's a chance Alonso might return.good luck today!"
5th May 2013 11:29
"hope its a smokescreen and we actually get Christian tello who is class and will only get better "
5th May 2013 11:32
"Wouldn't want to pay anymore than £3m, going on age, and past broken leg and hamstring injury's. I reckon Barca would want a lot more £, and FSG wouldn't give in. FSG would ideally want a free transfer, like the Bellamy deal.... No chance then!"
5th May 2013 11:40
"Lets playing with this rumours...ok, im agree with Dees27. It has been reported that bayern will sell Gomez this summer. David Villa...he still lethal eventhough he was 30s. Must remember he was a world cup & champions league winner. If the price is right, get him..."
5th May 2013 12:02
"has been ? Getting more games than young Tello, still in spanish team ? still with luck 3-4 seasons left in him. one of the most lethal finishers Ever! he will always score goals."
5th May 2013 12:22
"Come on lets get him, just for commercial and kit sales."
5th May 2013 12:25
"Come on lets get him, just for commercial and kit sales."
5th May 2013 12:53
"who doesn't...??"
5th May 2013 13:31
"hope this stays a rumor hasn't been the same since his injury at the club world cup..."
5th May 2013 15:35
"He is not worth anything over 10M. Would only be able to serve the club for 2 good seasons. Unless we offload the likes of Downing and Borini, there is no point in even looking at strikers or wingers or attacking midfield players. "
5th May 2013 16:12
"We can make do with that. Better rather than getting the likes of unknown mid-table club striker(s)."
5th May 2013 16:32
"rumor mill keeps churning ...after we got Sturridge that makes no sense. A powerful right-footed target-man is a crucial and obviously smarter option. "
5th May 2013 17:03
"Too old now.."
5th May 2013 18:16
"Please Noooooo!!!!"
5th May 2013 18:34
"Would be nice but it will never happen"
5th May 2013 19:42
"LFC can't buy all the players they're being linked with and apart from that, I'm sure Spurs will sign a lot of them!"
5th May 2013 19:49
"Desperation if this is true"
5th May 2013 23:15
6th May 2013 7:48
"gerrard asked for experience, not over the hill has-beens"
6th May 2013 8:13
6th May 2013 8:20
"To want and to actually get is two different things"
6th May 2013 10:06
"ofcourse it´s a matter of opinion. but according to me he is not too old, not a has been and would be a great addition. but I doubt this world class! player will come"
6th May 2013 14:32
"Definitely not a hasbeen! Tonnes of experience and would link up brilliantly with Coutinho. We should also consider Benteke!"
6th May 2013 14:38
"After yesterday it becomes more and more apparent that Downing, although he's upped his game after Rodgers gave him fright, that he lacks that cutting edge to be a top class, week in, week out performer. We also need to consider an alternative to Lucas - offers nothing more than the odd good tackle, interception and precise pass - sorry, but we need more than that to compete at the top again! "
6th May 2013 15:57
"bring back xabi plz"
6th May 2013 16:39
"It's his wages I'd worry about, might bankrupt us."
6th May 2013 18:10
"potential players to buy.eriksen,martens,alderweireld,szalai.or herrmann,susaeta,yilmaz,richards.sell carroll,borini,assaidi,spearing,allen,henderson,downing,lucas,coates,skrtel,shelvey to raise funds."
6th May 2013 22:12
"he knows where the back of the net is & he's got bags of experience. Any top team would take him & we are not even a top team at the moment."