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i hate when people r just making comments just puts the team under pressure.i love Lucas since his return we've played better but i have seen we r much better when we play by ourselves
5th May 2013 10:54
5th May 2013 10:55
"I am 65 years old and I have seen players come and go for forty years before you were born. I watched you arrive as a kid and have admired you from day one, and not necessarily for your football. Next year you will be number ONE player for us and I wish you all you wish yourself. You are the top example for any young player coming to this club. Thank you Lucas. YNWA"
5th May 2013 10:57
"Yup lucas... Spine..."
5th May 2013 11:02
"next season top 4 and a trophy for you LL"
5th May 2013 11:51
"Lucas is the type of player we need, genuine love of the club, city, and a very strong mind as well as being a great player. YNWA Lucas! "
Billy B girl
5th May 2013 12:13
"Loved you from day one Lucas and so pleased you have a long contract. I was at Chelski when you were injured and we were devestated for you but you are now coming back stronger and stronger bossing the midfield and long may it continue! YNWA"
5th May 2013 12:41
"always see people saying lucas isnt good enough, but hes not fully fit and still doing a good job! wait till next season i have high hopes about our team and believe rodgers is the right man"
5th May 2013 12:44
"the one thing i hate i dead wood talking about trophies stop this nonsense propaganda and how results"
5th May 2013 17:34
"Reckon we would have sold leiva if a buyer could have been found."