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Keep scoring goals - we will start singing you. Learn from suarez how to make some nutmegs & tricks.
8th May 2013 8:40
8th May 2013 8:58
"i have never doubted you! i still believe you will come good and show you are class!!!"
8th May 2013 9:46
"Off topic: Bad news Billy B Girl... David Moyes will be Man Utd's manager next season, and Benitez is going to Everton!!! ;)"
8th May 2013 9:51
"Next season you need to step up to the plate and prove that you have what it takes.You are living the supporters dream by wearing the red shirt.You will get all the love and support you deserve if you start banging in the goals.A good pre-season under your belt should help. "
Stan Still
8th May 2013 10:02
"Fabio - still young, runs for the whole game, good engine, gives 100% bags of potential, really wants to succeed at LFC. He'll come good this lad. I have faith in him. Keep working hard Fabio! LFC and you will reap the benefits. "
8th May 2013 10:16
"simples, be better. "
8th May 2013 10:23
"No offence Fabio, but your goal celebration reminds me of the European Cup final in 1984 and getting knifed by the locals. You need to think about changing it my friend, keep scoring and the adulation will come. YNWA"
8th May 2013 10:26
"You're still very young and you can still get better Fabio! Look at how long it took Lucas become a crowd favourite! The most important thing is that you have the passion! YNWA!"
8th May 2013 10:59
"work hard lad and im sure things will get better for you"
8th May 2013 11:04
"A bit of advice - less talk, more action! We need to see signs from Fabio but sadly at the moment there's very little to go on. I would really like him to be a success but he needs to work harder!"
8th May 2013 11:10
"Do what we bought you for and you will begin to see what we do for you. you are still short of expectation."
8th May 2013 11:16
"Out of all the last 2 seasons signings perhaps Borini and Allen have the most to prove."
8th May 2013 11:23
"Finally the cheat down M62 is retireing. I wonder what Howard Webb will do now. "
8th May 2013 11:23
"Finally the cheat down M62 is retireing. I wonder what Howard Webb will do now. "
8th May 2013 11:25
"Finally the cheat down M62 is retireing, I wonder what Howard Webb will do now."
8th May 2013 12:07
"Borini you need to keep working hard and force you way into the first team in the future. As it stands you are not ready yet. We need a new striker in the summer without a doubt if we do not keep Andy Carroll. "
8th May 2013 12:41
"hopefully Borini can develop into a super sub, scoring within moments of coming on."
8th May 2013 12:59
"I agree with a few, he and allen have a lot to prove but they are still young and developing, look how BRs coaching has helped Hendo this season!"
Billy B girl
8th May 2013 13:45
"matc9482 9:46 Off subject - it could be that Fergie retires due to Rafa Benitez being the last manager who beat him this week ???????? FSG need to think long and hard on whether to continue with the clown that is BR!"
8th May 2013 14:16
"I appreciate your passion for the game and the club! I really enjoyed being at the games and watching you play against Newcastle and Everton! YNWA!"
8th May 2013 16:35
"Don't bother !!"
8th May 2013 16:48
"Billy B please outline your problem with BR. Yes a couple of signings have yet to shine, but it's still very early days for those, then there's a couple that have impressed straight off - that's what happens at all clubs. The TV doc also did him no favours, but the style of play he wants to implement has just started to show and got us up to 7th..."
8th May 2013 16:48
"Not where we want to be but he's had a lot of work to do with more to come next season, so personally I can only see more progression. Not a clown, just a forward thinking manager who is just too open with the media for his own good. "
8th May 2013 17:18
"A season long loan to a championship club is what Borini needs as well as Coates. He will get fully tested in that league where you play over 45 matches. If you shine, we will welcome you back with open arms, otherwise you are not LFC material. "
8th May 2013 17:46
"mmmm fabio is looking hot!!"
Billy B girl
8th May 2013 18:04
"KINGOFCLUBS - my problem with BR is simple - he is not up to the job, a novice learning his trade while we suffer - NO we need Rafa Benitez back (last man to beat Fergue eh?) BR talks a good talk but he's been lucky with Rafa's great players still at Anfield!"
Billy B girl
8th May 2013 18:06
"Can't believe so many of you have been taken in? interesting to see where we are at Christmas ????"
8th May 2013 18:13
"Mark Hughes will get Utd Job."
8th May 2013 18:20
"Billy B-This website would be a much better place without your constant negativity. You would love to see Rodgers fail and that's a pathetic and disgraceful stance for a Liverpool supporter. Have a look at yourself."
8th May 2013 18:25
"Benitez to Everton, everything makes sense now."
8th May 2013 18:29
"and on that note, i would not trade br for benitez but it would be great to see him at everton"
8th May 2013 19:07
"just needs to score goals and the fans will love you 1 goal in 11 prem games not good enough."
8th May 2013 19:12
"sorry 1 in 12,"
8th May 2013 19:19
"BRs problem is that he took over from a legend KK, who also just won us some long over due silver ware. If he had taken over from Hodgson for example then he wouldn't be given as much of a hard time by fans. However, if he brings success then he can be a legend in his own right - but until then, it will be a split opinion."
8th May 2013 19:29
"Score goals regularly, learn to score the really crucial goals when they really matter, when the team isn't playing well and in danger, score then, failing to score against weaker teams is unforgivable, just do your job, you're paid well enough."
8th May 2013 19:29
"Borini needs to just give his all-fans can see that. He's got some chances with the Suarez ban, so he needs to take them. Good luck! off topic-people have been slating BR since the 5th/6th game and they're the real clowns.With 1 game to go, we've only scored more goals ONCE since 2001! We're building, you want things quick, make instant coffee in a microwave. "
8th May 2013 19:31
"Tony Pulis to Accrington Stanley and Rafa to Stoke."
8th May 2013 19:35
"You're a decent guy Fabio but you gotta do your job, just keep scoring goals as often as possible as if you just can't get enough type of thing, be a glutton for goals, the more the merrier, try to become another Ian Rush, get some videos of his matches."
8th May 2013 19:36
"Nail on the head there redquirral! It astounds me why some just refuse to buy into what Rodgers wants for our club and the team. What he's trying to achieve will take time and some just don't have the patience to support his ideas and wait for the team to develop..."
8th May 2013 19:36
"Before xmas we were too inconsistent and still learning the ropes, after xmas we got better results with the odd dip in form - that for me is progress. We make more changes in the Summer, add to that a fantastic group of youngsters, some of which have already had first team experience and we'll go from strength to strength! BINGO! We'll be challenging for the top."
8th May 2013 19:41
"Well, Well, Well, Moyes to Utd and to think he's been with Everton 11 years and never won a sausage, if that's not remarkable what is? Then you look at Mourinho's record, light years ahead. I thought maybe Martin O'Neil might have been considered, he's actually won things."
8th May 2013 19:46
"Our form will not start off like it did this season - THAT'S A FACT! We will take our post xmas form and improve on it, with or without Suarez! Then when he returns, that will add another dimension to our squad - it's a given that we will be, at the very least, 10/15pts better off next season - 3rd in the league me thinks!"
8th May 2013 19:48
"exactly what we need another dead wood getting fat salary, mate we have enough of your likes here. but i think Hull might consider taking u"
8th May 2013 20:11
"Billy B Girl - it's time you put this unhealthy pining for Rafa's return to bed. Admittedly he's said he'd love to manage us again one day, and I was the first to say he'd do a good job for Chelsea... Yes, he's a good manager, and proven, unlike BR, but I guarantee u BR will not be sacked any time soon, so get behind him F-F-S!!"
8th May 2013 20:13
"There's an interesting parallel that cannot go unnoticed - Fergie a fledgling manager at a fallen giant of a club when Dalglish quit... and Rodgers a fledgling manager at a fallen giant now Fergie's quit. End of an era for them... beginning of one for us...? YNWA."
Buckie LFC Supporter
8th May 2013 20:16
"filko13, bit harsh! the guy is already probably the best LFC player off the ball with his unselfish movement, needs to improve on the ball but he is still only young. all LFC players need to improve including Suarez"
8th May 2013 20:27
"Buckie - I dont agree, I'm the best off the ball player we have..."
10 gd
8th May 2013 22:44
"Precisamos de resultados ou seja golos queremos um matador um finalizador mas o colectivo tem que ajudar o BORINI a fazer golos "