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It's good to see SG having a 1:1 with BR as Stevies buy in has to be important going forward, he'll know the type of players we need. In Main Stand tomorrow, come on u Red men YNWA / JFT96
4th May 2013 9:43
4th May 2013 9:45
"Iconic legend. Gerrard will be forever remmebered in Liverpool FC club as a leader and a classy footballer. A winner in our hearts! YNWA"
4th May 2013 9:51
4th May 2013 9:56
"Lets get Xabi so that stevie signs the deal happily in the summer. "
4th May 2013 10:05
"great news lets hope he can play into his late 30's"
4th May 2013 10:16
"forget about Alonso he's the past,we don't want the oldest midfield in premier,eriksen is the future, FSG wont buy players in 30's and rightly so."
4th May 2013 10:36
"People think about Ronaldo or Messi but just because they see football as personal game. With Gerrard, you understand that is collective sport. When you see him play, you understand what is the best midfielder since Zidane. A living legend, go on Stevie, we are all with you. You're simply the best. YNWA"
4th May 2013 10:39
4th May 2013 10:41
"Legend! Sign him up. And have one last go at tellin Carra to stay on!"
4th May 2013 10:42
"Great news! YNWA LEGEND!"
4th May 2013 10:49
"Good news indeed especially if we are able to get Xabi to renew their partnership! YNWA!"
4th May 2013 10:56
"Just simply the ultimate midfielder. He has gave us fans so many moments where you cant help lose control & jump about screaming like your mad man with his goals from every range & angle possible. The one that typifies everything about Gerrard as a player was the goal in injury time against west ham in the final to take it into extra time. Our captain & tallies man LFC legend. Take a bow son YNWA"
4th May 2013 11:34
"I could see him being here for another 5 or 6 years, then who knows what will be next for him.... hopefully he will have done his coaching badges by then too, and with working with Houllier and Rafa and adding the Style of BRs play, Stevie G has the grounding to be a great coach."
4th May 2013 11:36
"I really hope we challenge for the le soon, it would only be right for Stevie to have won the League after s much he has done for his club and for all the great moments he has given to us fans."
4th May 2013 11:42
"just reading Robbie Fowlers tweets stating how our performance against Newcastle was the best he had seen Liverpool play for a long long time, and that was only possible down to Rodgers Philosophy of play and recruitment, some of you dont realise how important Joe Allen was to us to implement that style of play!"
4th May 2013 11:43
"Sign up Stevie. And I hope Brendan saw the the Barca-Bayern game and will finally come away from this Tiki-Taka game. As all teams now have adjusted to that style. Barca like Liverpool way over 60% ball possesion but lost 4-0 and 3-0. Get some big guys again up front. Bayern showed us this with their new Rucki-Zucki style. "
4th May 2013 11:44
"yes I know Joe Allen didn play, but he has been crucial to implementing our structure of play especially early on in the season, we had no one else like him. Good on Him."
4th May 2013 12:49
"people saying move away from tika taka... ha ha ha, that is one of BRs model of play not his style of play.. players determine how you can play and BR has always built his team around the players not around him.. do some fans not understand that?? His style was integral to the way ripped newcastle apart and some want to change it... OMG"
4th May 2013 16:02
"LOng may you reign Steve,along with Cara YOU have exemplified all thatis grate with lfc. "
4th May 2013 18:30
""If the 32-year-old features in Sunday's Merseyside derby..." Not much of an 'if', Brendan would be stark raving bonkers not to play him! YNWA"
red robbie
4th May 2013 18:36
"Maybe in a few years Stevie could revert back into a C/H. He's big, strong & could pass it out from the back. This would also give him a few extra years to extend his career. Just a thought. What do you guys think?"
4th May 2013 19:04
"Stevie latter years could be defensive midfield- hope he stays forever!!!! Dread the day he goes"
4th May 2013 21:24
"No way will Stevie G's name be in one of Brendan's envelopes!! Great season captain fantastic."
4th May 2013 21:49
4th May 2013 22:20
"captain fantastic still got years under his belt"
4th May 2013 22:50
"Congratulations Captain Gerrard... One for the Vice-Captain Carra? :D "
5th May 2013 4:06
"Great news, give ALONSO a contract aswell."
5th May 2013 6:42
"Hopefully Stevie will able to lift premier league champions trophy before he retired cos he deserved that. And BR if u read this...pls sign Alex McCarthy....yes that Reading keeper. He was cool & outstanding not only against us, but also every games he played..."
5th May 2013 6:48
"Stevie G is a God and as he matures, we need Downing, Henderson, Lucas, COUTINHO, STURRIDGE, Suarez to gel as a Team with winning as the only mindset next season, we should have a powerful new Right Winger, Centerback and Goalkeeper next season to add to the Team!!!"