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Great that Borini is back - adds to the great attacking options we have!
4th May 2013 9:19
4th May 2013 9:23
"Great that he's back! Brilliant player to have."
4th May 2013 10:35
"Keep the faith. He's got goals in him, he proved that last weekend. Got more confidence in our forward ability since LS is out of the equation."
Papa Syed
4th May 2013 11:11
"Fabio - show us what you've got up your sleeve mate. Destroy neverton! YNWA!"
4th May 2013 11:45
"Great to see this young talented lad back playing again, could be a very very good buy for us! "
4th May 2013 12:46
"I still cant believe how cheaply we bought our players for, Sturridge and Courtihno 10 mil, borini (an Italian internationl) 8mil, and Allen has a bit to prove but a good young player for 15 mil, all under 23.. quite amazing tranfers by BR.."
4th May 2013 12:53
" much we like you to talk..we also like you prove it on the pitch by scoring far only 1 for the season."
4th May 2013 12:55
"just trash them with your goals..YNWA"
4th May 2013 13:03
"some fans, borini has an injury plagued season, has only started a few matches and mostly been a sub for ten matches in total and muppets questioning his ability.... give the lad a chance...."
4th May 2013 14:23
"fabios movement and positional play is top drawer but he has lacked luck in front of goal so hopefully after his goal last week his confidence will be high keep working hard Fabio YNWA "
4th May 2013 15:14
"redrob, you just hit the nail on the head - I'd noticed how good he is at drawing players off another attacker. Regardless of goals, he has a place in this team, he is excellent at making runs just needed the service from someone like Coutinho. We're almost there, so exciting."
4th May 2013 15:20
"some fans do waffle on,FB never going to be a suarez but can make a contribution, "
4th May 2013 15:46
"Depending on if he is ready to play from the start yet id like to see him replace downing tomorrow. Although downing has improved he doesnt contribute in the goals enough. DS & FB with Coutinho behind them would be intresting,with the Coutinho's vision & passing & those 2 making runs in front of him in my opinion would cause Everton a severe headache. "
4th May 2013 16:30
"The striker we need is playing at West ham. Hope BR doesn't make his greatest mistake and not take him back."
4th May 2013 17:33
"Hope AC has a good Career, but at newcastle or West ham, he should never put the red shirt of LFC on again, swapping him for Ben Arfa will be one of the best decisions for the club by Rodgers, we will be lucky to get 10 mil back for him!"
4th May 2013 17:36
"FAO: Scotty78 15:46, very good post, I like the sound of Courtihno feeding DS and FB, Both of their movement is top top draw, and Borini is the type of player that does pull teams out of shape giving us the space to make things happen. AC has no movement or passing skill so how could he ever play for us again...?"
4th May 2013 19:47
"at Parracki95 yes its good he is back but I would not say we have 'great' attacking options, we still need more! Another winger,striker,playmaker then our attack would be strong."
4th May 2013 19:51
"I think we should go for someone like Benteke as he is a very good young striker so he meets FSG transfer policy. Eriksen is class and a winger like Mertens."
4th May 2013 21:28
"Wow!TheLight.....are you sure you're not BR in disguise!!"
4th May 2013 22:11
"L-Man07 - I'm afraid its worse than BR, He's Lonewar in disguise:)"
5th May 2013 7:59
"Yes Fabio, it is good to have you back and of course it is nice you scroed so quick goal, don't give up and work for your dream, mighty one! YNWA!!"
5th May 2013 8:04
""Obviously the first Premier League goal is very important for me as well because it's writing my history." Worlds away from the humility of an Ian Rush when such things were anathema"
5th May 2013 8:30
"Said this before but I so wish that Andy Carroll had been bought for half the fee we paid for him. He's better than Borini and Sturridge and before anyone shoots me down, all about the same age and Carroll has had the more success, not saying Daniel won't go on to have a better career- we'll see. Problem for Carroll is that he isn't someone stretching defenders with off the ball movement. "
5th May 2013 8:30
"Andy terrorises defences with his brute power. A game like today where the football is playedd at a blistering pace and time on the ball is precious, a more direct approach is required and there aren't many better target men than Andy. "
5th May 2013 8:31
"I am sure Brendan recognises this and value's Andy's qualities, but it isn't the style of play he would want to play week in/week out, therefore in my opinion, it is no use having a £35m player as a benchwarmer or getting the odd game against more physical teams. "
5th May 2013 8:31
"I feel Andy will go on and forge a sucessful career, I imagine more sucessful than Borini and Sturridge but he just isn't a current Liverpool type of player. "