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Nice to see Martin Kelly back in Training
4th May 2013 8:59
4th May 2013 9:31
"Good to see Ronnie Moran back at Melwood, I've missed that loud whistle!"
4th May 2013 10:45
"Haircut Kelly, now! Nice to see him back in training!"
Papa Syed
4th May 2013 11:06
"Great pics! Win the next cruncher for Ronnie, lads! YNWA!"
4th May 2013 11:07
"Ronnie since 1949 The Bootroom Legend :-)"
4th May 2013 11:45
"Ronnie Moran is one of the last of a dying breed. watched him many many times. Shot like a cannonball"
4th May 2013 11:47
"Ronnie Moran what a guy! A proper LEGEND! YNWA"
4th May 2013 11:54
"Great to see Ronnie Moran, absolute legend, what a contribution to our lasting success."
4th May 2013 12:30
"Ronnie Moran. What a great coach he was."
4th May 2013 16:24
"One of my great memories of lfc was whaching Ronnie smash a freekick from about forty yards into the top corner of the net,it was teamind rain,think of the weight of that leather ball.cant remember the opposition or the year gut I WILL always remember the goal "
Vosta Lee
4th May 2013 18:06
"Green to start! No, Orange to start! No, Black to start! Aaarh, I give up."
4th May 2013 19:07
"Ronnie you are a great great man thank you for giving so much to our club. Many many thanks"
4th May 2013 19:37
"Ronnie Moran another Liverpool legend in my time - went to Bootle Tech same as me! Great left foot and scored many penalties as we struggled to get promotion from Division 2. Major asset in the Shankly, Paisley and Fagan eras."
4th May 2013 21:26
"Absolute LFC legend!"
4th May 2013 21:29
"what a legend!"
5th May 2013 0:57
"The phrase 'legend' is overused., but Ronnie? -LEGEND. Think the different coloured tops are to confuse everton spies...!"
A Red In My Bed
5th May 2013 1:09
"I'm sure Brendan appreciates how lucky he is to have the opportunity for advice from an Ocean of Experience and Success that Ronnie Moran is.. Great to see him at Melwood. yNwa."
5th May 2013 8:00
"Great to see Ronnie here and of course nice pics, YNWA!!"
5th May 2013 10:06
"Always wondered why Ronnie didn't manage us, as the other two behind Bob did, but maybe just not his 'thing'. 2-0 today-come on!"
5th May 2013 13:51
"Great to see Ronnie Moran looking so good. He is a boot room icon. Hopefully the boys will do him proud YNWA"