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3rd May 2013 15:37
3rd May 2013 16:01
"This 1 is epic:), but for me YNWA agianst Barcelona is greatest :))) YNWA"
3rd May 2013 16:22
"Fantastic to see it again, can only be beaten by Istanbul itself.Lets sing it with the same passion on Sunday,come on you reds YNWA"
Shalva Japaridze
3rd May 2013 16:23
3rd May 2013 16:25
"It was brilliant brought a tear to my eyes."
3rd May 2013 16:28
"Jose clapping our fans, what he would have given for that type of fans at the plastic chelski"
3rd May 2013 16:41
"Thinking back, I remember watching Jose and CFC players on the pitch afterwards, but watching back (with the same shivers down my spine!) you have to say that's a touch of class the way he congratulated everyone including the fans."
3rd May 2013 16:45
"8 years on and that still gives me goosebumps. Only beaten by Istanbul at half-time for sheer importance. "
3rd May 2013 17:11
"I was lucky enough to be there that night at a field, the atmosphere is something that I've never experienced before or since, it was electric from start to finish, and the police had to clear us out of the kop because no one wanted to leave! Hope we bring these times back very soon! Ynwa"
3rd May 2013 17:17
"It's good but the best for me has to be after the final whistle vs St Etienne. It was the first time I'd seen scarves held aloft in the Directors' box and the reaction of the St Etienne fans said it all - sustained applause!"
3rd May 2013 17:26
"Jose you top guy! So much respect. I hope for many more special Champions League nights between his Chelsea and Liverpool in the years to come. Sends shivers up my spine"
3rd May 2013 18:05
3rd May 2013 18:18
"Oh yeh, by that vid. And just look how gracious Jose is. I don't think Arsene or Alex could stomach it.Let him come back to Chelski and let us do it again. The future looks bright. Let bthe student upset the master!"
3rd May 2013 18:25
"The good old days eh,"
3rd May 2013 19:51
"Tears in my eyes!!! Can't believe it is already 8 years! Brendan should show our players this clip before every game we play next season! Wow, hairs on the back of my neck have stood for the last 5 minutes! Walk on....YNWA."
3rd May 2013 20:48
"WOW "
3rd May 2013 21:03
"BR can not give us such a night!He feels inferior if he is going to face Mourinho as a manager.I wish we have a bigger manager !"
3rd May 2013 21:49
"Spine tingling"
3rd May 2013 22:12
"1 or 50thousand that song lifts ye. "
Billy B girl
3rd May 2013 23:14
"And this is why I want Rafa Benitez back ! YNWA"
3rd May 2013 23:17
"Come back Rafa! We have no chance of a European Cup victory with the current clown - the div doesn't even want us in Europe. "
3rd May 2013 23:17
"duno if it was the greatest and the end of the video showed what a truly amazing and graceful manager mourinho actually is"
4th May 2013 1:49
"Truly Awesome!! But thank goodness now the announcer has learned to fade out the PA at the chorus. I love Gerry but I hate to hear his voice through the PA dominating the song and diminishing the atmosphere."
4th May 2013 1:52
"I love RAFA but he made some crap decisions that lead to the demise of the team....primarily the humiliation and selling of Alonso in his failed pursuit of Gareth Barry."
4th May 2013 2:19
"Undoubtedly so...that brings back a lot of SWEET memories! Let's bring it back next season! YNWA! :D :D :D :D :D"
4th May 2013 4:16
"Cant wait to sing this song at the G Travelling from Townsville with a group of mad supporters What a film clip this was.. No matter what we think of Jose .. At the end of the game he was class, the way he congratulated our boys and consoled his players... True Liverpool spirit was displayed by both teams - YNWA Melbourne 2013!!!!"
4th May 2013 4:50
" Great night, loved it. All class and dignity Jose."
4th May 2013 5:29
"Please make me dream, make me cry seeing more such videos in the near future next season. YNWA"
4th May 2013 5:30
"HabeshaKop / Brush2000 I feel I've lost half my IQ just by reading your posts... A great night, no mistake, but people have short memories - by 2010 we were a shadow of the early days of Rafa's regime."
4th May 2013 5:33
"Instead of longing for the past and hoping for the return of a manager who we all know could never really live up to what's gone before (see Keegan, Kevin) let's throw our full weight behind Brendan and get our great club back on top of Europe! YNWA"
4th May 2013 5:59
"The occasion was epic but the singing was a bit quick at times and didn't follow Gerry's singing so, nah!"
4th May 2013 6:18
"Of course!"
4th May 2013 9:45
"the hairs on my neck are standing up again "
4th May 2013 10:36
"Sorry guys, but as someone who stood on the kop back in the 60's I have to say that this might have been one of the best ever nights at Anfield, but YNWA was sung back in the earlier days (a) without needing a prompting by playing the record and (b) by starting in the correct lower octave, so that it didn't become impossible to sing half-way through. This one failed on both counts!"
4th May 2013 15:38
"The occasion was epic but the singing was a bit quick at times and didn't follow Gerry's singing so, nah!"
18th Apr 2014 2:15
"the video is down, fixed it pls"