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Come on you Reds, will be watching from NZ, make it worthwhile to early rise boys. YNWA, lets see some true LFC Class
5th May 2013 9:44
5th May 2013 9:46
"of course its massive lets hope we beat them and win our other 2 games and chelski beat the bitters last game meaning we finish 6th,at least we would be happier until next season."
5th May 2013 9:47
"Come on you reds.....lets give the blues their beans.. YNWA"
5th May 2013 10:10
"6th could be europe so an extra incentive! Have to win: stretch every sniew and flex every muscle and win every ball and score all the goals!"
5th May 2013 11:00
"All the best... "
5th May 2013 11:26
"Another nail biting derby. Come on boys do it. Let's have a positive game with a positive outcome. Then the blues might unravel before the end of the season. "
Top 4 for sure
5th May 2013 11:29
"Can somebody please explain who gets the europa league spot if city win the fa cup. They will obviously be in champions league so is there any chance it will be offered to 6th place in the league?"
5th May 2013 12:43
"Fa cup runners up get europa place if city win i.e. Wigan. Would have gone to 6th place if city had finished 5th and won it. There is no extra europa place if chelsea win europa. Our only chance is through fair play now! Should play kids in europa qualifiers should that be the case and send the first team to forfil pre-season obligations- not decline chance"
Billy B girl
5th May 2013 12:45
"And yet on European football BR thinks it would be a 'blessing' if we don't get it - oh no wait he changed his mind, apparently, he was only joking! Yeh?"
5th May 2013 12:55
"Houllier said the same thing about uefa cup at the end of his first season when we didn't qualify, the same time when he told us that he would win the premiership within 5 seasons, that cheyrou was our zidane, and that he would turn heskey into a goal machine- hopefully not deja vu..."