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Not seen passing like that since, erm - Jan Molby. Look at your programmes from the 80's Jan Molby is in most of them. Thats because most of the passes came from him.
3rd May 2013 16:34
Gordon Ottershaw
3rd May 2013 19:54
"Have to agree, it was a sublime pass. I have to say that I am really impressed with this young man, it has not due to one pass but because he has been making world class passes since joining us. Bearing in mind he is just settling in, learning the movement and style of his team he appears to be a sensational prospect. YNWA "
3rd May 2013 23:08
"we need more of countinho to be topfour contenders"
4th May 2013 1:37
"It was "no look" too. He faked left and passed right-brill. The dude can pass. We must remember he is only young though. The week before he was anonymous. Please please please have patience people."
4th May 2013 2:05
"The Age of Phillipe Coutinho has Arrived! Brazil has got to pick him for the World Cup! He deserves it! I can't believe someone said that Inter Milan does not sell talented players! What a JOKE! Phillipe is one hell of a prodigious Talent! YNWA!"
4th May 2013 5:49
"Coutinho is a guy with a lot of passes.......I love him "
Vosta Lee
4th May 2013 6:17
"That pass reminded me of Guti, a master of reverse passes in his day. In the next 5 years Coutinho has a great chance of being in the top 10 world player of the year contenders. That being said, I understand that he is going to have some outstanding games and some games we all need to forget as he continues developing. I am okay with that."
4th May 2013 6:33
"Every touch he makes is a beauty to watch.that is the kind of intelligent we need in the team.we also need players who can understand such a game .I think the world cup came a little bit early for him."
4th May 2013 6:49
"Is Totokia the only other person to notice he played it without looking, Ronaldinho style, which made the pass even more special"
4th May 2013 8:00
"also the pass to hendo against aston villa and the chip between defenders to sturridge.I like watching coutinho as an attacking midfield coz he is more creative than wide on the wings"
4th May 2013 10:46
"Love little Philippe!"
Dede 7
5th May 2013 6:49
"i remember saying to the person who was sitted next to me after that pass that "Coutinho is classic". the way he passed with the outside of his boot sending the central defender in Hendersons direction giving Sturridge room woooow... thats CLASSIC."