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Replicating dortmund success wld be a huge thing for Liverpool - couple of league les followed by a CL final at Wembley with almost a transfer budget that is negligible. Come on Liverpool please make me dream. YNWA.
3rd May 2013 9:53
3rd May 2013 10:01
"comon redmens destroy the blues "
Kaushik Bose
3rd May 2013 10:07
"As a supporter or as a fan or even as a player - I think, the shadows of the past that ran over the pitch should inspire us more than an external element. Never the less Downing - We are proud of you! A little more element of self ideny should take us three positions higher. We just need to be LFC! "
3rd May 2013 10:07
"Nuri Sahin is loving life right now. He played for us and than got shipped out back to Dortmund, in a CL final and against his team other team Madrid. Cant wait to get back to the Champions League!"
3rd May 2013 10:28
"We should have hung on to Nuri Sahin!"
3rd May 2013 13:53
"We have to steady from the start next season and forget about false starts. We've got most of the players that can beat any team on its day. Consistency must be the buzz word next season...and please let us dream..."
3rd May 2013 15:11
"Excellent, that was a nice thing to do. I am sure Jamie will live on that for a while. :) It is really clever for you lads to use the time to go and do things like that since you have only one game a week. It glues the squad together and you will be more compact mentally, a really clever man management by Brendan. This trip will help the squad."
3rd May 2013 18:43
"What happened to young Samed Yesil "
3rd May 2013 19:21
"hope while they were there they were scouting higuain LOL"
3rd May 2013 21:33
"If we want to be like Dortmund we sholud get in Klopp and he will give us beautiful football and the points enough to be where we want to be.He can attract big players who are willing to play for him a privilege BR can't enjoy."
4th May 2013 1:22
"butholez....Yesil damaged his ligaments pretty badly a couple months ago. Out until next season. Great young player though."