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This is a very nice kit... Hopefully the away kit is in black and has this design :)
2nd May 2013 16:21
2nd May 2013 16:25
"It's a beauty"
2nd May 2013 16:26
"what a babe! and i aint talking about the top! top is nice tho!"
2nd May 2013 16:44
"Looking at the players wearing the new kit makes you proud! I think the new home kit is brilliant and I've ordered mine last week! YNWA!"
2nd May 2013 17:06
"Love the new kit and abz4ever you are spot on about the reporter!!!"
2nd May 2013 19:00
2nd May 2013 20:49
"loved it already bought it"
2nd May 2013 21:07
"ianoisseforp not sure if it is black enough.. but here are pictures of the 2nd and 3rd kit."
2nd May 2013 22:57
"Ticks all the right boxes, Yep, It's a looker that's for sure. "
2nd May 2013 23:16
"I love the new strip! It's one of the best ones we've ever had by far! I can't wait to wear it, can't wait to see our great team roar on into the top four next season, because we are ready! YNWA"
3rd May 2013 1:43
"The away kits are horrible. I really hope they're prototypes. I didn't think last year's away kits could be beaten for sheer tastelessness, but these ones do too. To be honest the home kit's not great either, it looks like the Manure kit from a couple of years back. Don't really see how it's modelled on the Rome kit either, where are the white pinstripes?"
3rd May 2013 2:26
"Solid kit. I pre-ordered mine with Coutinho on the back. Hope he does me proud!"
3rd May 2013 8:07
"I like the new Home kit but I really, really hope the "leaked" new away kits have both been turned down by the club, they are absolutely hideous and would go down as the worst kits of any club ever!! They would also be the worst sellers ever!"
3rd May 2013 10:43
"All three kits should have the same design just different colours! That would be so classy"
3rd May 2013 13:55
"Kit is nice..."