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Future captain!
2nd May 2013 10:55
2nd May 2013 11:31
"He will, for sure, justify the £16million spent on him over the years to come. Future captain freddyh? Future England captain even, perhaps! This guy's got a good head on his shoulders, and could be a legend in the making. He's got some big boots to fill (SG's) so hopefully he will work tirelessly to live up to this. YNWA Jordan!"
2nd May 2013 11:43
"shelvey and hendo are awesome!"
2nd May 2013 11:48
"Couldn't agree more freddyh. Really pleased for you Hendo. Took a lot of stick when you first arrived, to fight through all that shows strength of character, just what you want from a captain. Just keep it going and prove the price tag was justified."
2nd May 2013 13:26
"BR's been good to you apart from when he tried to sell you to Fulham! Personally I think Hendo is a great player and is getting better with every game.I really rate this lad."
2nd May 2013 15:08
"You are going to be a legend for us hendo Just keep listening and learning from the best YNWA Jf96"
2nd May 2013 16:01
"Quality player with a thick skin, we gave him a lot of stick at the start, but look at him now. I think he will be the next captain."
2nd May 2013 18:15
"Go Hendo! Keep going and you will be our future captain. YNWA"
2nd May 2013 18:44
"3 with the right, 2 with the left! If he continues to improve and is captain of LFC and England in the future, he's been worth getting. So far, looking good for a youngster."