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for 5 mil would good signing, maybe james mccarthy ince and vlaar too.
2nd May 2013 9:50
2nd May 2013 10:02
"Pls giv a try on Lukaku or Benteke. Both are very young, powerful and clinical strikers..."
2nd May 2013 10:06
"cheap at 5m but would love us to gazump spuds and try and get damaiao"
2nd May 2013 12:52
"GET HIM.. I was thinking that before QPR got relegated before I knew about the clause. BR...GET HIM"
2nd May 2013 13:06
"Other linked clubs have made moves, we haven't, what does that tell you, we aren't interested. "
2nd May 2013 13:37
"Media also reported that he was on 100k a week dont believe everthing you read in the media. why some fans come on this and take things written in papers & rumour sites as gospel is beyond me. See the last transfer window how many players were linked to us? How many were true? They hardly seen the signing of Coutinho coming so just tells you something well it should!!! "
2nd May 2013 14:03
"bukar yilmaz and benteke. imagine if we have benteke,yilmaz and suarez upfront,we would have best attacking in europe and the league"
2nd May 2013 16:20
"I am a fan of Benteke but I think it would make sense to move Carroll on first. Remy for 5mil is a bargain but his wages are a little high. I say offer him lower with performance related rises. Benteke and Remy in!"
2nd May 2013 22:34
"Amazing if we can get this guy for 5m!"
3rd May 2013 12:12
"Let get Benteke. He is strong and fast."
3rd May 2013 15:43
"This would be a very sensible signing and either the money used from the sale of AC or keep the big man for a plan B, horses for courses we can bring in a centre back and midfielder ( Alderweireld and Eriksson )"
4th May 2013 15:19
"I think he is too similar to Sturridge and anyone who would sign for QPR must be insane..."