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he has the site of molby and the skill of maradona what a player ynwa
3rd May 2013 8:53
3rd May 2013 8:58
"I'd put him on the back of my new home jersey but the players I choose tend to leave pretty soon after. Happened with Keane, Torres, Meireles, Mascherano and Cole! Last year I put Suarez and Lucas on so I'm surprised they've lasted all season!"
3rd May 2013 9:01
"Joy to watch.. Both of ye"
Rushjob _
3rd May 2013 9:34
"Wellyit- A decent analogy that! Diego Molby!"
3rd May 2013 9:34
"To me Coutinho has all the attributes to be if not the best 1 of the best AM in the world. I am hoping with that display against newcastle BR plays him in that role from now on. Looking at more next season if we play him behind DS & LS with a mid 3 of fingers crossed Eriksen,Lucas,Gerrard then we wouldn't need JE & GJ going forward as much & concentrate more on what defenders are there to do. "
Rushjob _
3rd May 2013 9:38
""Fr those worrying if Suarez will leave- don't, cos he is going. Spain will be his destination. Ã"
3rd May 2013 9:40
"So excited by this guy. The next Messi!"
Rushjob _
3rd May 2013 9:40
"That money 'if' spent correctly, could absolutely launch our club. Forget Rodgers signings, the committee proved in January what they're about. I have faith in them to deliver. Be cool people, we are going to be very very active this summer, and with 2 new scouts nicked from Man City y'day, I reckon we are starting to go down the right track. I'm actually positive! :) " "
Rushjob _
3rd May 2013 9:41
"I must add, I dont want Luis to leave, just preparing for the inevitable."
3rd May 2013 9:44
"If we can do that in my opinion we would be far better off defensively with not over committing as we would have more than enough fire power with that attacking 3 & with Eriksen & Gerrard supporting them from behind both of them are more than capable of scoring from range & picking out the strikers from deeper areas. I feel with the addition of Eriksen this would be some team to watch."
Rushjob _
3rd May 2013 9:45
"Me 0938- Message didnt post right. Im hearing 40 mil for Suarez, plus 10 for Skrtel and 20 off FSG gives us a hell of a warchest for our commitee to recruit off."
Rushjob _
3rd May 2013 9:47
"Scotty- Interest 'cooled' to near non at all for Eriksen mate. Doubtful that one will happen. Ashley Williams wanted by BR- The commitee have sought younger alternatives. Could get interesting......"
3rd May 2013 9:59
"Brazilian + No.10 + name ends with "inho" -> Enough said.. Destined to be a legend. YNWA"
3rd May 2013 10:04
"Rushjob if not Eriksen a similar type player but Eriksen would be my 1st choiceim no expert tho lol.2 more really good additions into our scouting network 1 of them being a scout thats been watching over the Dutch,German & Scandinavian leagues so im fairly confident that if not Eriksen then with all the scouting knowledge at our disposal now we will get maybe 3-4 good signings in the summer. "
3rd May 2013 10:06
"Rushjob - Damn sure Luis won't leave. he'll have the last chance from LFC this time. According to FIFA rules, ban continues wherever he goes. So, no point for him to move. Club won't sell coz he'll be undervalued at this stage. Better idea is to reduce his wages by some 20k/week as a punishment and offer a last disciplinary chance."
3rd May 2013 10:09
"what a buy! especially when Lucas Moura, Oscar, Ramieres, NEymar etc cost a bomb we got a similiar player for 8 mil. sweet!"
3rd May 2013 10:11
"great technique great vision hes going to be world class,our best buy since sammi "
3rd May 2013 10:14
"Rushjob - what makes you think we'd sell Skrtel?? We would need to buy two excellent defenders, not just one, if he goes, and we ain't gonna be very compeive in the market this summer with no Euro footy on offer..."
3rd May 2013 10:16
"Coutinho please tell BR to have a look at your fellow brazillian Adryan who plays in brazil and hernandez from serie A two class players like yourself YNWA."
3rd May 2013 10:19
"Phillipe said, "By playing with huge players like the ones we have at Liverpool..." Well you know what Phillipe you're a huge player yourself! YNWA! "
3rd May 2013 10:30
"For the love of god man please don't learn anything off of Lucas!"
3rd May 2013 10:46
"Super player and only 20. The new committee have chosen well for BR with DS on board also. Lets hope they do the same for defensive players"
Rushjob _
3rd May 2013 11:11
"matc9482- The fact that he's gone from player of the year to benched says to me he's gone. And tbf, he was awful when played this season. Rumours of 'words exchanged' with BR after the Oldham game dont help his cause either. "
Rushjob _
3rd May 2013 11:11
"matc9482- The fact that he's gone from player of the year to benched says to me he's gone. And tbf, he was awful when played this season. Rumours of 'words exchanged' with BR after the Oldham game dont help his cause either. "
Rushjob _
3rd May 2013 11:13
"KidofKop88- So if Barca or Real contact Luis, you dont reckon he'll leave? His time in England is over for me sadly. He deserves champions league and to be in a country that culturally understands him. Holland and England are not those countries. "
3rd May 2013 11:19
"Coutinho has created clear-cut chances more regularly than any other player in the Premier League this season! If you'd like to read more, please check out my blog, cheers."
3rd May 2013 11:33
"I love this kid he is going to be immense for us, we have been lacking that roaming No.10 player for a long time, Gerrard used to do it from middle but in very different way. Next Season I prey we sign a coupel more talented players and give the Mancs a run for there money! YNWA"
3rd May 2013 12:03
"One of the best signings we have made in recent years, i cant think of anyone that has been bought at such a cheap price look so promising!!! "oooh coutinio, philipe coutinio, you're a brazilian on mersyside!!!! Y.N.W.A."
3rd May 2013 12:15
"Rushjob-good to see u positive lad!!!!! Keep us all informed"
3rd May 2013 12:27
"Was skeptical when he signed but he's proving me wrong. With a bit of luck and good development he'll be one of the best playmakers in the world."
3rd May 2013 12:30
"Rushjob _ Suarez would only leave at the moment if he were forced out and even then I'd put his price above £60m considering we got £50m for Torres."
Save us Kenny
3rd May 2013 12:33
"Selling Suarez would be madness. We dont want Ashley Williams either, keep looking BR"
3rd May 2013 12:41
"RUSHJOB. Good for you mate with the positive atti-tude. But where has it all come from? You where saying of increasing discontent amo-ngst the spirit of Shankley, yet one win, be it a brilliant win and suddenly you have every confidence in BR and are quite certain the board will re-invest."
3rd May 2013 12:41
" Not having a pop mate, good that you are confident, just wonder where the sudden change of heart has come from?"
3rd May 2013 12:45
"his 'look away' pass reminded me of ronaldhino..."
3rd May 2013 12:48
"He is what we've been missing! "
3rd May 2013 12:51
"The derby will be the real test as to whether the league table doesn't show the real picture and that we are just having an 'iffy' season but show signs of promise. I see us at Everton's level at present. Not a bad level, just outside the top 4 (be it miles of points behind) but the chance to improve next season. "
3rd May 2013 12:51
"I just feel defeat on Sunday would be a real hammer blow after such optimism folling our victory at NUFC. I just hope the board do put money on the table as just a couple of cheap deals and i feel we will be no better than Everton next season, never mind THFC, AFC, MCFC, MUFC, CFC"
Rushjob _
3rd May 2013 12:57
"Ani- I simply got bored of being negative and having heard some stuff away at Newcastle last week regarding the transfer set up, I have a bit more faith that major decisions are not being made solely by BR and or inexperienced FSG. contd"
Rushjob _
3rd May 2013 12:59
"There is a structure now in place, and the fruits of that so far are Coutinho and Sturridge. I had a think, and those 2 bode well for me. Maybe, just maybe, by implementing a transfer commitee, and putting such a structure in place, FSG are learning...."
Rushjob _
3rd May 2013 13:01
"Its been a tough season, and not a particularly good one, Ive been in some dark places with the club this season, and at times have harboured real doubts as to where we are heading, I do however feel that a structured approach is the right approach contd."
Rushjob _
3rd May 2013 13:03
"It also should give BR time to concentrate on the coaching. The set up, as explained to me is like having a Director of Football, but its a commitee of 4 instead of 1 person. Personally Ani, I like this kind of set up and reckon its the way forward. contd"
Rushjob _
3rd May 2013 13:06
"Also, with a structure in place, Managers can come and go, and it shouldnt affect the major decisions too much with regards to player recruitment etc. I had huge concerns with FSG and BR simply due to a total lack of top club experience contd"
Rushjob _
3rd May 2013 13:07
"A discussion that I had last Saturday has removed a number (not all) of those doubts- possibly lessened further by the fact that our results have little consequence on the rest of the season too!"
Rushjob _
3rd May 2013 13:09
"The sun is out Ani, its a Bank Holiday weekend, and we are gonna spank the bluee- and im not on anything before you ask! :)"
3rd May 2013 13:10
"Rushjob, hope your right mate. I have never been so negative in regards to LFC. I have always been one of those people who gets riddiculed by mates who support other clubs when i say 'next season will be the year'. I always believed that being a club the size of lfc and the wealth that we have that we can always buy one or two players and all will be good. "
3rd May 2013 13:10
"Throughout the lean years of not winning the prem, we have always been up there. This season, 2 wins against teams in the top 10, early cup exits haven't deterred me, what has is the constant talk about money being tight, FFP, Dortmund. Just think we are clutching at straws, like a Bitter would with his/her team."
3rd May 2013 13:11
" But that said, we know where we stand in terms of finances and will have to do things differently to what we have been used to. But if success does come, I am sure we will feel a larger sense of achievement by doing things without breaking the record transfer deals but by purely finding gems and generating youngsters. "
3rd May 2013 13:15
"Good points Rushjob. Particuraly the last point. It's bank hols, the sun is out and wer guna spank the blues. Yeah, like the positivity fella. "
3rd May 2013 13:32
"Happy days lads !!!!!!!!"
3rd May 2013 13:39
"Fantastic player can easily be in the step of L Messi so we r just hoping all the best for the next season. Good Buy Brendon"
3rd May 2013 14:38
"Seriously, the gossip here is worse than women! loui aint going nowhere.SG himself said he will stay.who you gonna believe, the legend himself or a poster here with the "inside" track recycling news off the web? As for tinho, as BR said CHILL OUT! Now if he has a poor against neveton, are you all going to turn on the kid? Its unfair to the boy to expect a ncastle typ performance every week."
3rd May 2013 14:54
"He's go real promise. He was brilliant against Newcastle and maybe my favorite two incidents were not his magnificent passes and vision. One was when he fought to take the ball off Ben Arfa that lead to the goal and the other is when he embraced the physical side of English football and knocked that punk Debuchy on his butt, which also lead to a goal."
3rd May 2013 14:56
"5fivetimesLFC 3rd May 2013 14:38- well said. Chelsea kept him quiet, (obviously Benitez had the inside track on that front,) and other teams will keep him quiet. It's then, though, that we have to show quality in other quarters, to exploit the fact that the opposition's putting 3 men on 1."