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really? we already have better players than him
1st May 2013 14:25
1st May 2013 14:34
"Que the BR going for players he knows YAWN!!! Just because you read rumours doesn't mean BR is actually going for those players. If that was the case we would be signing about 20+ players next window. Also if Pearce was to come in who knows he might turn out to be a brilliant signing. If he even is a target for BR so go look up the definition of supporters clearly too many on here don't know."
1st May 2013 14:41
1st May 2013 15:26
"good news is he will join for FREE. If he can improve & be as good as Cahill or Lescott why not..."
Save us Kenny
1st May 2013 15:32
"Who? And why arent Reading playing him?"
1st May 2013 16:30
"Would like to see us go for Michu - 15m should do it as they got him for 2m. Also Hooper from Celtic for 7m. Ince from Blackpool, Eriksen from Ajax. Think these players would make our attack up with the best in the league. Then Diame for 3m, center backs our squad would be strong. All in our budget if we sell deadwood."
1st May 2013 16:33
"I wouldn't sign him even for free. I would get very angry if we ended up signing this guy. He would not be a 1st team regular nor would I choose him as cover ahead of Wisdom and Kelly. We do need a CB but he needs to be quality! "
1st May 2013 16:33
"if he can't get it reading team why would he get in ours? Hope it's not true!"
1st May 2013 16:40
"was hoping the article would be about douglas or honda"
liverpool till die
1st May 2013 17:56
"I don't understand some of the fans here. He is available for free and is having a league experience, why not try him???? I f it's work out then fine otherwise we can loan him out. So it's a win win situation for us"
1st May 2013 18:01
"and is he supposed to replace jc , thats an insult to jamie "
1st May 2013 19:20
1st May 2013 19:25
"Hope it's not true,"
1st May 2013 19:44
1st May 2013 20:27
1st May 2013 21:48
"there's no truth in it. I asked a Rodgers' confidant and he said he has not even heard his name mentioned in around Liverpool. How come these fools are carrying silly rumours. some 1 who cant start for a relegated team?"
1st May 2013 23:52
"I saw this guy on the you tube and he looks solid and good in air beside he has a good vision. I think he's better than Skirtle and Coates by distance. LFC need tall defenders do you remember how many goals we conceded from set of pieces and corners. Don't forget he's for free and don't forget as well that Cotinho was on the bench and unknown when we brought him. "
2nd May 2013 7:57
"what a sad news.. of all the players available, we could only sign a players from relegated side.sigh... "
2nd May 2013 7:58
" Well, you get what you pay for don't you. I have one thing to say.... Dede!!!! nuff said."
2nd May 2013 12:54
"HHMMMMM!!!! Is he that good???? Lets not get him jusr cause he's free."
2nd May 2013 16:22
"Premier league tested. Free signing. Low wages. Beefs up the squad too which is good. But not the marquee centre back signing we would still need on top"
4th May 2013 2:41
"he is a decent young irish CB so i would be happy to have him at liverpool. And for all the haters already, no he is not JC replacement, i think we will buy at least 2 CBs,or 3 depending on who goes. Coates and wilson could both be loaned or sold. And well lets hope Skitle bucks up, he is quality just not commanding or vocal enough! "
A Red In My Bed
5th May 2013 1:19
"We're now being linked with a player who wasn't even a regular with a Team that just got Relegated!? Told ya, just waiting for the "Postman Pat on Liverpool's Radar.." What a joke!"