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we have Coutinho!!
1st May 2013 14:27
1st May 2013 15:19
"Get him in. This is the kind of player we cannot have too many of."
1st May 2013 15:20
"This may be a complete non sequitur, but I also feel it is very important that we keep Luis Suarez. He has been made to understand that he has made some serious mistakes, which is important. Now, it is time to make him understand that he is very important to the fans and to the club. If we could get Lionel Messi or Carlos Tevez, then we would have two of him."
1st May 2013 15:22
"Got lethal left foot but injury prone..."
1st May 2013 16:18
"No. This is so obvious. The price Newcastle want + the fact he'll be injured for 50% of the seasons = a waste of money which we should rather spend on Mertens or free agent Honda."
1st May 2013 16:28
"Don't need an injury prone bench warmer..."
1st May 2013 16:31
"He's always injured,I agree we should look else where!"
1st May 2013 16:37
"Coutinho out muscled this guy and set up Sturridge in our 6-0 win. Ben Arfa would be a waste of money if signed. We do not need any attackers unless a few of ours are leaving. "
1st May 2013 16:53
"when I hear that we do not need any more attackers, I am left thinking, With fans like this..."
1st May 2013 17:01
"LiverpoolBelongstotheFans - And I laugh at fans that question it since I have predicted where LFC end up for the past 4 years. I predicted top 6 for this season so there may be a chance that I lose my streak of 5 years but we shall see. "
1st May 2013 17:03
"LiverpoolBelongstotheFans - Another reason to laugh at you is because you think we could get Messi. "
1st May 2013 18:23
"Nooooo dries mertens please"
1st May 2013 19:40
"Very inconsistent and injury prone not for us,"
1st May 2013 22:20
"Great player but injury-prone...hands off him. We won't play more than 18 games a season"
2nd May 2013 2:33
"why always spurs...."
2nd May 2013 12:57
"HHMMMM!!! to have in the squad, maybe"
2nd May 2013 16:24
"He is a bit injury prone but has a lot of talent. Doesnt look very motivated at Newcastle. Brendan could get the best out of him. Is a bit risky and how much would he cost? Transfer fee and wages? Still, I'm not opposed to it."
2nd May 2013 18:10
"He's always injured since that crunching tackle that broke his legs we don't need that kind of liability. "
Vosta Lee
3rd May 2013 1:47
"After seeing him easily shrugged aside by Coutinho I wasn't too impressed. He didn't get up until the ball was picked from the back of the net and brought back to the center for a restart. Newcastle can keep him thank you very much. "
3rd May 2013 18:14
"yep, we have Coutinho"