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Dunno about Remy. I would rather see someone of the proven ability of a Wilfried Bony, Jackson Martinez, Michu or Christian Benteke.
1st May 2013 15:15
1st May 2013 15:19
"This may be a complete non sequitur, but I also feel it is very important that we keep Luis Suarez. He has been made to understand that he has made some serious mistakes, which is important. Now, it is time to make him understand that he is very important to the fans and to the club. If we could get Lionel Messi or Carlos Tevez, then we would have two of him."
1st May 2013 15:19
"1st choice will be Benteke. "
1st May 2013 16:11
"I would rather we went for Benteke!! Remy too similar in style to Sturridge but not in same class..."
1st May 2013 16:44
"Liverpool do not need a striker! We will have 4 strikers at the start of next season. Benteke is no different to Carroll or even Ngoo. He has the height and strength and is having a good season with AV. Does Dempsey ring any bells? 1 good season with Fulham and now he can't even hit double figures! "
1st May 2013 16:45
"LFC fans get over Benteke! He has 3 years left on his contract and AV won't be stupid to sell him for under 15M. He will be a wasted signing as I would not choose him ahead off Suarez or Sturridge. "
1st May 2013 16:59
"For those convinced that we do not need any more forwards, take the time to check-out the resources available to the clubs bossing the league and Europe at the moment. The dominant teams shoot for four top-drawer strikers and a platoon of creative players. As it is, we only have two top-drawer strikers and Coutinho (Suso and Sterling are just kids). "
1st May 2013 18:01
"get Benteka has all the quality to play any team in the world at the moment. i would have bentek,luis suarez upfront. we need holding midfield, mathiue suarez atletico madrid and fernandes from porto. also cb my suggestin would be sacho and alderweigh from ajax "
1st May 2013 19:25
"we have better than benteke. one season an hes world class??. wise up"
1st May 2013 21:19
"We have Sturridge, Borini and can bring back AC. Why waste 10m on Remy? Madness. Use the money to strengthen our defence bigtime"
2nd May 2013 0:01
"No need for strikers we have suarez,sturridge,borini and even cotinho can be a striker. What we need 1 attaking mf 1 stopper mf and 2 centre backs"
2nd May 2013 8:02
"I agree we do not need to buy a striker, Bring back Carroll and one creative mid one holding mid and 1 maybe 2 centre backs... Remy is not needed, pay quality and you get quality."
2nd May 2013 8:05
"I would sell borini, Skrtel, Assaidi, Allen and Sterling. All too small as it is now a big mans game. Only a rarity is a small man the goods these days. Get Dede and Bring back Carroll"
2nd May 2013 9:32
"Why buy an imitation Andy when we already have the real McCoy. If big trikers are dynasaurs, how come BR's beloved t-tacky barca have just been stuffed 7-0 by Bayern who play with 2 big front men. Andy will be back in the England team, no problem!! "
2nd May 2013 16:28
"Its not a big mans game. Look at bayern. They have a combination of the 2 and play good football. With the Dortmund blueprint we can get there too."
A Red In My Bed
3rd May 2013 7:43
"No thanks"