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It will be transfer success if we manage to conclude quality signing than moderate player.
1st May 2013 15:17
1st May 2013 15:33
"Yes only if he brings good players and dont forget that he also bought Borini for 14m and he has been useless to liver and also Allen who is average..he missed Sigurdsson and Dempsey.."
1st May 2013 15:36
"It seems he gonna to miss Eriksen,Ince,Benteke and others ,commiting the same mistake"
1st May 2013 16:58
"Brendan needs to splash the cash on a solid quality CB. A big shame we missed out on Dede but hopefully another big signing may be available. "
2nd May 2013 0:01
"I would like to think we're still linked with a move for Ajax's Eriksen, he's the kind of quality we should be trying to entice to our club. And what's the chance that Alonso may also re-join us again he still has a fondness and the ability that would be welcome."
2nd May 2013 1:46
"Mohamed Salah - Basel FC"
2nd May 2013 5:57
"our transfers need to be quality but i dont understand some of these comments around the place about our january transfers both are awesome players noone should be complaining about them"
2nd May 2013 16:29
"A marquee signing to get us all buzzing and a few others to beef us up. Early as possible so we can get them acclimatised fast!"
A Red In My Bed
3rd May 2013 7:42
"I'd be Happy with 1 big name signing for Centre Back, than 3 or 4 mediocre signings. "
3rd May 2013 21:28
"Two or three quality players at least needed no point buying mediocre players."