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BR talks about the success of the Jan transfer window then goes about signing average players. Neither are first team regulars and with Kelly, Wisdom and Coates waiting in the wings what is the purpose of the Pearce signing?
1st May 2013 12:16
1st May 2013 12:20
"no thank you! much better defenders out there"
1st May 2013 12:40
1st May 2013 12:41
1st May 2013 12:54
"If BR want to sign 6 players, hopefully he is 6+1 which means extra signing."
1st May 2013 13:08
"We should go get Kurt Zouma of St Etienne"
1st May 2013 13:09
"I don't know much about Alex Pearce, other than he was Reading's Player of the year last year (I think). Most of the articles about this slate him, but given he's likely to sign on a free could it be relatively risk-free move? Can anyone give a reason why he would be bad/good for someone not in the know :)"
Gordon Ottershaw
1st May 2013 14:17
"This a player I know about other than to say if he is on a free and BR wants him who says he should not join us and see what he is made of. You never know with players, and one can always turn a rough piece of glass into a diamond. "
1st May 2013 17:40
"Total tosh, even the source is questionable, I dont trust some footballfancast, never even heard of that."