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All the best carra, we're going to miss you!!! Hope to see you in a coaching position at LFC in the future. YNWA!!! Legend!
30th Apr 2013 17:10
30th Apr 2013 17:48
"congratulations carra!! i'd love 2 c u as coach at our great club but second best thing is sky sports. as much as i hate neville, he talks sense. carra will give him a run for his oney though YNWA"
30th Apr 2013 18:15
"He deserves this because he his a top top professioanl and Individual, but I think he has bein unfairly treated by the club and should of bein offered a role of some sort, his desire,commitment loyality should not be let walk out the door."
Billy B girl
30th Apr 2013 18:16
"Congratulations Jamie you will be a valued addition to sky and I look forward to seeing you. You have been our Gladiator at Liverpool and it will seem strange without you, your presence and strength has been amazing! Our true Legend YNWA"
30th Apr 2013 19:02
"Don't have sky, would not put money into murdoch empire. So won't be seeing you Carra. Poor decision but YNWA"
Dede 7
30th Apr 2013 19:11
"Wish you well."
30th Apr 2013 19:11
"I think Carra going to Sky is a bad thing, I know he's got the personality and savvy for it but I feel that he and and many other good ex players are wasteddoing this, Carra especially, I think he was born for a role in coaching and management at Liverpool in some form, he's got a good old head on him, stacks of experience, just wasted on Sky."
30th Apr 2013 19:13
"If we get a penalty in the last 3 games Carra should take it!!!"
30th Apr 2013 19:16
"Please be careful what you say Carra when the corner you with awkward and leading questions about current LFC players e.g. Luis Suarez, always remember Kopites have long memories ala G.Sounness & J.Redknapp, be careful Carra old mate, be true to yourself and Liverpool."
30th Apr 2013 19:17
"Is this the same Sky Sports that is owned by Rupoert Murdoch who also owns the "Sun" newspaper? Way to go Jamie! Legend? Not anymore for me, not after excepting the Murdoch blood money."
30th Apr 2013 19:17
"If Gary Neville is contracted with Sky Sports so why not Carragher?"
30th Apr 2013 19:35
"the sky's the limit Jamie you legend."
30th Apr 2013 20:24
"Carra will be so hard to replace - he is our Sergeant Major on the pitch behind General Stevie G. We knew this day would come but I wish we had somebody to step straight into his shoes. He will be missed!!"
30th Apr 2013 21:00
"It doesn't really matter what he decides to do, he will always be a legend."
30th Apr 2013 21:33
"Shame, thought Carra was going to carry on at Liverpool in a coaching role. Maybe he will in the future."
30th Apr 2013 21:47
"Quality! Shove neville off the seat and being as great as you were in the summer."
30th Apr 2013 22:02
"Oh well, I guess that ends any hope of talking him out of retiring. He's played as well this season as any I can remember - you'd never guess he was "over the hill" ;o). Good luck, Jamie - a true Liverpool legend. Hope to see you bck here as a manager in the future."
30th Apr 2013 22:14
"Carra is a legend.But I don't get it,he is signing for sky,and we all know who runs sky.One Q Carra,did you consult the Hillsbourough familys before taking this job.I think it is a very bad decision,plus your better in coaching than taking a job for a pig."
30th Apr 2013 22:15
"Would of preferred him to have announced he wasn't retiring but oh well all the best at Sky."
30th Apr 2013 22:22
"You will be missed Carra at LFC. Surprised and disappointed you are joining the Murdoch (Sun) Empire - bad decision. Should have joined LFCs backroom staff."
30th Apr 2013 22:44
"wish you would stay on asa coach and then manger"
30th Apr 2013 22:57
"You should be with Liverpool FC club for a season or two. Or be somewhere at the club in some form of capacity. Meanwhile best wishes with your Sky Sports career Jamie. Legend!"
30th Apr 2013 23:29
"people on here giving Carragher advice LOL I´m sure he can manage fine without you warning him what to say and not to say :)"
1st May 2013 2:07
"You do what you think is best for you Carra! Thanks for the will always be a true Legend in every Liverpool fans mind! YNWA Jamie Carragher!.....perhaps you should also think about expanding your restaurant business? :D"
1st May 2013 2:15
"Good luck carra!! I always support your decision whatever it is, even though im little disappointed because you not taking management role. Dont bothered by some comments here, you are living your life, so only yoy the only person can decided what the best for your future"
1st May 2013 5:15
"Sorry to see you're not staying on in a coaching role - personally I hate Sky, (and most tv in general) not just because it belongs to Murdoch, I'm just against paying over the odds for a load of rubbish. ynwa Jamie lad, and I hopeyou come back to L4."
1st May 2013 7:37
"Al jazeera might have been better- espescially if ooredoo are going to invest some of their qatari cash in us- would have tied in nicely with their brand awareness/expansion in asia. Even espn... The thing is, he likes playing with the telestrator, so couldn't fsg have bought him one instead of a gold watch to use in his defensive coach role with us."
1st May 2013 9:05
"Carra you played with passion and gave your all. Like a red painted spartan, a legend was born. A true great Y.N.W.Alone! "
1st May 2013 9:27
"Well this is a huge opportunity missed by BR. Carra should have been given a defensive coach role helping out BR and gelling the defence. Surprised he wants to work at Sky but its his decision. Hope we see him at LFC in the future. Thanks for some great memories Carra. YNWA"