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we need 1 CB which is 1st team quality, I think with the emergence of Kelly and Wisdom - with Coates still here we have enough options defensively. I would love to see Alonso and Eriksen but I think thats wishful thinking. Last thing we need is 1 CF/WF. Then I think we will have a compeive squad
30th Apr 2013 16:50
Save us Kenny
30th Apr 2013 16:56
30th Apr 2013 16:57
"we need another striker, whether that be carrol coming back or another ST, and a CB, maybe another central defender if allen/shevley leaves "
30th Apr 2013 17:53
"January was pretty good, but august equally poor. but even better was getting Downing and Hendo in such form. Those two have been like new signings. We will need to sell players if we are going to go shopping and I hink quite a few will be leaving at the end of the season. "
30th Apr 2013 17:54
"Hopefully Brendan will look to get his business done early again, then... And perhaps we'll steal a player or two from under Spurs' noses, for a change!!"
30th Apr 2013 17:58
"The most important position we need adding to is a defensive midfielder and then we need a player in for those that will go out, and depth is exactly one of the things we need to look at when we sign future players. "
30th Apr 2013 17:58
"Liverpool is going nowhere, Remy and Rechards will not get you a champion league spot let alone le. See next season, when you are going to talk consistence. "
30th Apr 2013 18:05
"Saw this morning that we're going to sign Alex Pearce on a free this summer. BR PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD STOP SIGNING ALL YOUR OLD PLAYERS. Hasn't worked out so well so far has it??!"
30th Apr 2013 18:08
"Eriksen, Richards,benteke maybe ince or diame IN,out carroll spearing Wilson and pachece "
30th Apr 2013 18:09
Gerrard o ya beauty
30th Apr 2013 18:24
"Spot on BR we need more outstanding players that are better than what we have now. Try and get the business done early, no repeat of last summers joke! YNWA"
30th Apr 2013 18:31
" fabregas...."
30th Apr 2013 18:34
"We will not get anywhere with Williams and Pearce, most of fans are sick of this, we are going to be just another midtable club if we don´t bring good CB and DM this summer"
30th Apr 2013 19:00
"The current group are better than 7th even without summer signings. Defence is the problem area, we are good going forward. Two top quality defenders needed. RB and CB. Lets see what happens"
30th Apr 2013 19:03
Dede 7
30th Apr 2013 19:10
"Yes more quality is needed. my sugestion is that we prepare well and aim for the trophy next season. that is the best way to go into top 4 currently. i think Mancity,Manu & Chelsea will be after the trophy which makes top 4 more difficult. its abit risky to go into next season aiming for just top 4 coz when things dont go well you end up in 5th,6th or 7th. aim higher thats my opinion. YNWA."
30th Apr 2013 19:10
"If Skrtel isn't able to step up his performances then we may need a new CB, or the introduction of Kelly may cover it. I do think we need a powerful midfielder which is why I hope we do go for Diame as he actually brings the ball out of midfield. Also a left footed winger to play on the right would be nice, I've been very impressed with Downing lately but we need goals from that area"
30th Apr 2013 19:17
"Vermaelen,alonso,erikson bring back andy carrol and send coates on his way... done!"
30th Apr 2013 19:20
"A central defender and not Williams please equally perhaps Tom Ince he is young and he can improve."
30th Apr 2013 19:26
"pearce>>coates gud squad player..i think we need 2 CBs(De vrij,mathijsen),1 Holding Mid.(Diame would be perfect),1 creative mid(eriksen),1 striker(michu),2 wingers(ince,salah),1 gk(cesar/vargas)..bring back caroll..let suarez leave if he wishes..sell skrtel,coates,allen,spearo,assaidi."
30th Apr 2013 19:33
"I love the way when anything is mentioned about the transfer window or buying certain players, people come out with their shopping list of players they want Brendan to buy. If we are playing that game I want Messi, Lewandowski and Bale. "
30th Apr 2013 19:39
"three quality signings-total cost 50 million pound please"
Red Yank 1969
30th Apr 2013 20:12
"We need a quality CB as well as a forward. Someone is going to have to pick up the goal tally in place of Luis"
30th Apr 2013 20:16
"ERIKSEN thats all we need. get coates, kelly, wisdom and coady up and running. kelly is a class act and im sure the rest can give us all. keep skrtel, he's is a tank with agger. and please sign ERIKSEN"
30th Apr 2013 20:26
"Xabi back? I wish!!"
30th Apr 2013 20:34
"The players might have done very well by Swansea standards, but by LFC standards the season has been poor. We all expect a 15 to 20m spend in summer so FSG can pocket a wad from the 60m TV rights. There is unrest brewing, and next season will have expectations. Patience is growing thin. "
30th Apr 2013 20:38
""The majority of the time, there have not been too many performances where I have been really disappointed." Speak for yourself BR. Many supporters have been disappointed every other game."
30th Apr 2013 20:39
"Hopefully we do good business early and not hang around,the top clubs like Bayern Munich are doing their business now!we need at least 4 top class players to get into top 4,the ball is in the owners court!"
30th Apr 2013 20:42
"I've hardly seen Assaidi on the pitch!!!"
30th Apr 2013 20:59
"Assaidi?? Now that name rings a bell...remind me where I know that name from.."
30th Apr 2013 20:59
"It dont look like were getting a big transfer kitty so spend wisely BR , no swansea rejects or reading"
30th Apr 2013 21:13
"Lusso,spot on pal. We are mid table and out of Europe.Get real guys we can no longer sign who we want.MOURINHOS BALL BOY AND FSG are taking us nowhere.We need results now ,CONSISTENT,NOT WHEN MR RODGERS HAS LEARNED HIS TRADE AT OUR EXPENSE.WE HAVE WAITED TOO LONG."
30th Apr 2013 21:19
"I hope we don't spend alot because we simply don't need to. We've got a pretty deep, young squad now. Obviously the priority is a CB and possibly another full back. Attacking wise we have quite alot of options. Wouldn't be against getting someone like Granero in, just for a bit of control in the midfield. "
LfC sheen
30th Apr 2013 21:19
"We need a player with a physical presence in the midfield like diame.. Or a player similar "
30th Apr 2013 21:29
"We need a min of 6 quality players to make the squad strong. Which we can do buy spending wisely and selling players that we do not need."
30th Apr 2013 21:36
"phil098 30th Apr 2013 21:19 "I hope we don't spend alot because we simply don't need to"...have you seen the league table?..or the trophy cabinet this season?"
30th Apr 2013 21:39
"Just get it right, BR!"
30th Apr 2013 21:49
"Rodgers is right the performances have been good. Clinical finishing is what is needed. Once suarez found his shooting boots was much better but took a while. Coutinho is the creator we needed. Sterling to come back in. Kelly and coates. It's promising. Another sammi hyppia for 300k would be good! Dutch division 2"
30th Apr 2013 21:58
"spend wisely and we can progress Need to continue to back BR......"
30th Apr 2013 22:04
"I need to see De Vrij, Christian Eriksen & either of Lewandowski/Javi Martinez"
30th Apr 2013 22:25
"Number 1: Center forward!!! Then come the rest..."
30th Apr 2013 22:26
"Now that Real Madrid have been knocked out of this years CL and Mourinho could be leaving, a few of their leading players may also be released and that could include Xabi Alonso. He's said comming back to LFC is one of his desires so lets hope for it to happen."
30th Apr 2013 22:31
"some of you guys have got to stop listening to the press, according to them we are in for around 20 players, unless they were a million each, since that's what BR will probably get,I don't think that's possible. We are building very slowly don't expect too much even next year"
30th Apr 2013 22:59
"If we buy another quality striker, winger, playmaker than our attack can be up with best in the league! Then a def mid, center backs, our squad would be strong to compete!"
30th Apr 2013 23:04
"We are looking good!"
30th Apr 2013 23:12
"Brendan have done good so far. Remember where we was a year ago. well about same. But. We are on the move, With greater hopes, everybody, and. Hopes are better now all over. So bring in a couple of defenders , and two good wingers, and we are on the rock and roll where we belong."
30th Apr 2013 23:27
"shopping list: top central defender to play next to Agger (well known or unknown gem) Preferably Hyppiä cloned! Alonso, otherwise I hope Coady can progress, ERIKSEN deffo! and a winger/striker (well known of lesser known gem) that should be able to get us in top 4 and then we can add with a keeper and competition for left back if we dont use downing and robinson as back up"
30th Apr 2013 23:29
"Bring back Jay Spearing! Guaranteed to win league. Calm down I'm joking "
30th Apr 2013 23:42
"Not saying Spearing is Liverpool quality, but he is better than young coady (at the moment, Coady is obviously younger and very promising) , he was voted Bolton player of the year, and every time I saw him play for the reserves he dominated more than Pacheco for an example who so many has said is so great and should have got more chances"
30th Apr 2013 23:59
"Oh dear-so many confused this article with their playstation manager mode! Rosso...I mean 250GT-speak for yourself. Most supporters SUPPORT."
1st May 2013 0:52
"Alonso is practically begging to come back, so lets just sign him up before we are saying how good he is fo Arsenal or someone else next season! He never had any pace to lose but his passing can take 6 players out the game and he still has at least 3 more years at top level in him!"
1st May 2013 1:12
"Get Christian Benteke ASAP!and please not that cb from reading.for god's sake how is a cb of a team that has been relegated easily gonna be liverpool class?"
1st May 2013 3:49
"Sell Skrtel, spearing, allen, assaidi,carroll.... & if plus suarez, we will get 60-70 mil transfer kitty for us to sign 3 or 4 players with 15mil price range. Think big, go to big club & sign world class player. M Ozil, K Benzema. Next season will decide whether BR is good enough to bring Lpool back to where us belong...."
yanni sharma
1st May 2013 3:51
"Can't wait for the summer transfer window. If caroll is what he is doing now then a strurrdige-caroll partnership should be interesting to watch. :D If these two are in the strike then we need a much better winger in place of downing.he is slow, less dribbling skills for a winger and low quality cross. A winger , A CB and A classy midfielder should do all the work. :)"
1st May 2013 4:19
"Relegation teams got someone we can think of. A McCarthy of Reading. QPR got J Cesar, A Taarabt, L Remy... and the third relegation team maybe can provide us with a good addition. "
1st May 2013 4:33
"alonso ,hamsik,benat eriksen, 2 out of zem (wiilliam, virj or dede if has not sign for any club yet )WE NEED 2 CB higuain/ or any striker who cud score atleas 15 to 20 goals per season sell caroll, downing,skertl,coates,adaidi,jones,wilson,spearing,pacchco,allen raise funds"
1st May 2013 5:52
"I think Seb Coates should be given more chances, he's not as bad a player as some of you seem to think, remember, he's still young. Hendo and Downing have taken a while to come good, so Seb also can. Additionally we need cover for Lucas as he's been greatly missed when injured."
1st May 2013 8:32
"If we get some major sponsorship money or new owners maybe? we will have a fat transfer kitty this summer and we then can go for 4-5 world class players.. The likes of :Sanchez, Eriksen, Higuain, Dede,Sakho."
1st May 2013 9:10
"Between media lies, and rumours on here. None of us know what the club needs, we're all ignorant. Would love to see a Young GK with some ability come in, and Xabi back though, but not for much..."
1st May 2013 9:18
"The main difference was that in August, BR was deciding on his own poor judgement for new players & Caroll disaster. But in January it was the new recruiting team that came from Man city doing the recruitment task getting Sturridge & Coutinho."
1st May 2013 9:24
"Alonso is the past and judging by last night his best days are over him. We need to move on. Defence is our biggest problem, we need a few quality players here and hopefully Kelly will be back better than ever"
1st May 2013 9:39
"Erikson(Future Gerrard replacement) for me has to be our marquee signing then we go for a Central Defender to replace Carra. We also need a top class RW, I dont think Downing is prolific enough to take us to top 4. After this its about keeping clean sheets and finding the net more against the lower end teams and being more clinical with the top teams. Bring on next seasonb already, cant wait!"
1st May 2013 9:41
"It is genuinely incredible how people are STILL saying that there has been no progress under Rodgers. We have scored 67 goals compared to 42 last season, we have 2 more points with three games remaining than last season's total. cont."
1st May 2013 9:44
"The Carling Cup by the way is not a significant trophy, no one decent actually plays their first XI until the semis so for EPL teams it is essentially a question of how good your reserves are plus the fact we had to go to penalties with Cardiff. Rodgers will get us there, wait and see. "
1st May 2013 10:44
"So we're signing Premier League relegation players while the top clubs move every further away by buying the players that will actually help win things. Rodgers has won us less cups and a similar lg position. Progress my #$%&"
kiwi fan
1st May 2013 11:12
"If Suarez does leave maybe try do a swap with another world-class forward. Xabi Alonso and/or Eriksen would be awesome. The squads good, just needs more consistence, there making good progress though. Just need a few good signings like Coutinho and Sturridge. "
1st May 2013 11:41
"we need about 4 quality players in a c/d a d/m a striker and a winger"
1st May 2013 11:49
"diame ince benteke and whoever...ride on black pearl...ynwa"
1st May 2013 12:39
"Hello Somebody. I want to write once again that LFC scouts should watch the Nigerian U-17 team that came second last weekend in Morocco and get good players there."
1st May 2013 13:19
"get rid of the deadwood, Allen, Shelvey etc. to boost the funds."
1st May 2013 13:25
"maybe try sending your scouts further than South Wales!!!"
1st May 2013 14:01
"Reading above comments on relegation players to LFC is horrifying. I like BR but don't want him to buy players like pearce who's team has conceded most goals and relegated. Then again the club said recruitment decisions will be done by a panel rather than by BR alone!"
1st May 2013 14:29
"Reports in papers today re Suarez's agent having meetings today re Clarification on luis,s position at club??..Juventus in again for him..?...Hope not true..."
1st May 2013 14:38
"Ashley Williams, Christian Eriksen...DONE"
1st May 2013 15:54
"Exclusive: #Liverpool Football Club making early enquiries on #Wigan Shaun Maloney via club source. #LFC #Wigan - if this is our future, dont care how good he is... We aint going knowere.. This is why foreign managers are best at times, would rafa go for him? Downing? Henderson? Allen? More british crap coming to us! We going backwards... And fast! "
1st May 2013 16:21
"Just a big shame that Sturridge and Coutinho were not bought in over the summer as we would be much higher up in the league. I think we only need one solid signing at CB and we would actually be good to go for next season. I know many fans would disagree but they need to look at our "whole" squad to realise that we do not need over 3 players. "
1st May 2013 16:24
"5-3-2 would walk us into top 4 next season if it is played right. It would allow both fullbacks to push forward to provide width. We would have 3 solid CBs with Lucas playing in CDM to provide defensive help. It would allow both Coutinho and Gerrard to push forward and help both strikers. "
1st May 2013 17:53
"totokia 30th Apr 2013 23:59..oh dear. You do talk crap. And worse, you denigrate others valid opinion whilst doing so. Just because you are content with the club becoming a profitable mid table irrelevance doesn't mean others are. "
1st May 2013 17:57
"The Coutinho signing took a month to complete. Early??"
1st May 2013 18:32
"I know Skrtel hasnt been great this year but lets go with the tried and tested. He has issues with BR and vice versa his performance has not been as bad as made out. Unfortunately during KK,s reign we bought players which were never used. Imagine us buying a car we never would drive even if we have a handful parked at home "
1st May 2013 18:34
"I know Skrtel hasnt been great this year but lets go with the tried and tested. He has issues with BR and vice versa his performance has not been as bad as made out. Unfortunately during KK,s reign we bought players which were never used. Imagine us buying a car we never would drive even if we have a handful parked at home "
1st May 2013 19:49
"I've looked on FIFA and here who we need...! Seriously Andy coming back could be a key-Coutinho, Suarez,Sterling and downing crossing from the wing to his head? A centreback and maybe centre-mid/right winger? Hopefully we'll get some bargins and quality."
1st May 2013 20:09
"The real purpose of these articles is lowering expectations. We saw it before the January window and now we see it here. Of all the signings made, only Coutinho looks truly exciting. The rest, Allen, Borini, Sturridge, Assaidi, Yesil..all look average 7-12m value players.Which is what they are. They will not return us to top 4. "
1st May 2013 20:50
"I think tevez would be a great acquistion.....A blend of experiance and youth also michael dawson. "
1st May 2013 20:51
"I think tevez would be a great acquistion.....A blend of experiance and youth also michael dawson. "
1st May 2013 20:53
"I think tevez would be a great acquistion.....A blend of experiance and youth also michael dawson. "
1st May 2013 21:23
"I hope BR is watching the barca/bayern munich game. That's what happens when you rely on just one way of playing. "
1st May 2013 22:23
"bring Lewandowski,messi,cr7,alonso,pique,puyol,di maria,bale,ribery,pepe,xavi sure we will win all trophy"
2nd May 2013 3:57
"don't be so greedy, we have coutinho so we don't need erriksen"
2nd May 2013 7:54
"Brendan should wrap a deal for Loic Remy to ease Suarez pressure. Reds Don Funshow From NIgeria"
2nd May 2013 9:38
"alonso, james mccarthy, tom ince and vlaar. all with pl experience and in budget"