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£25 & £30 for a testimonial??? was planning on a few of us going but not at them prices
30th Apr 2013 17:27
30th Apr 2013 18:11
"Can we have a testimonial down south also It will be a sellout at Anfield - I live in London and would go to neutral venue. like Reading, Wembley etc."
30th Apr 2013 20:37
"Will the booking fee go towards the Steven Gerrard Foundation, if so why not charge the fee to people who buy at Anfield then. That way the Steven Gerrard Foundation does not lose money, and people buying from Anfield will not miss the £2.50"
1st May 2013 10:11
"Sorry, can't afford to go Stevie - particularly after paying the 10% increase on my season ticket."
1st May 2013 13:25
"I'm genuinely shocked and borderline disgusted at the prices. It's cheaper to watch the first team in one of the cups! Is 100% of the money including the booking fee going to Stevie's charity? It wants to be...Ian Ayre should match the total gate money out of his own salary too!"
5th May 2013 8:00
"Yeah its a bit dear, yeah I had to do 2 bookings in the space of 24hrs, still got charged 2 x £2.50, on same fan card. But it's a 1 off, and so is SG!. I think the club should do a special commemorative programme with EVERY ticket sold included in the price."
21st May 2013 8:32
"Maccite thats a really good idea,i'm sure the club could afford it as they saved alot of money during transfer window ;). "
10th Jul 2013 2:16
"does anyone know what time the game kicks off as it says 12:45 on the website but 02:00 on the ticket"
29th Jul 2013 0:05
30th Jul 2013 9:50
"Kick o 12.45 "