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Not good enough to replace Carra I'm afraid and he's obviously greedy and not interested in playing
30th Apr 2013 15:24
30th Apr 2013 15:51
"I hope not. He will be a waste of wages. Modibo Diakité is also a free agent but a more physical player at the back. Dede, Vorsah & Sakho are my top 3 defensive targets. "
30th Apr 2013 16:00
"A gamble for BR eventhough free transfer. We will see about that, & BR... Failure next season may cost u a job..."
30th Apr 2013 16:36
"let's not condemn this guy immediately just cos he's not a 'big name'. still remember the amount of moaning over signing sturridge and coutinho - where r those negative gets now eh? hehe"
30th Apr 2013 19:02
"no thanks couldn't of had a good season if reading are relegated. Kelly coates wisdom Wilson sama etc are all waiting in the wings. "
30th Apr 2013 19:27
"Olsen from West Brom please and Colcini if possible. Why on earth is Coates not used more often? A Uruguayan International and Copa De America winners medal!!!??"
30th Apr 2013 19:29
"Carra said last season that Daniel Agger and Seb Coates was Liverpool's future, notice he did not say Skirtel."
Red Yank 1969
30th Apr 2013 20:15
"he will turn out like woys boy...koncheski....not good enough for Liverpool"
1st May 2013 5:38
"First rule of signing a player is get players who will want to play for you. Saw what happened to ncastle?they had a team full of french guys who ran the white flag up after goal 2.Nah i trust BR.Pierce would be a good solid buy."
1st May 2013 8:59
"If this turns out true... could someone please fetch me a rope?"
1st May 2013 9:01
"we'll be looking for someone who can pass well, so it wont be taylor, and if we do get taylor he'll be our 3rd/4/5th choice... So I wouldn't worry people.."
1st May 2013 9:03
"Some people are dumb, asking why we don't use coates, his qualities are strength, his head, jumper. what qualities are VITAL in our defense to avoid mistakes? Ball control, passing ability, composure, 2 footed... Is Coates any of that? no, he doesn't fit in... would do well at a stoke or westham though. "
1st May 2013 9:35
"have you watch this guy play? exactly why this dude won't fit in to our style, his ONLY strength is his heading. not even jumping. in fact his movement is so awkward. please NO PEARCE!"
1st May 2013 10:10
"we need class players in this summer not guys from relegation clubs that have worked previously with br "