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cant say ive watched him but its another one of rodgers's old mates so we could end up with him
30th Apr 2013 14:57
30th Apr 2013 15:26
"The only good point is he comes on a free but his atude doesn't bode well for us"
30th Apr 2013 15:59
"Wouldn't sign him even for free. Not good enough and we should be aiming for a much better and stronger talent. I rate the likes of Kelly, Wisdom and Sama higher than this Pearce guy. "
30th Apr 2013 17:50
"If he wasn't good enough to be a consistent starter for Reading, why would he be for us?"
30th Apr 2013 18:50
"Okay to sign Macarthy but why Pearce. We need someone better to replace Carra. If we aren't buying a quality defender then lets give our young one a run. They did okay early this season. YNWA"
1st May 2013 1:08
"Good business both look decent players."
1st May 2013 2:08
"this would a total waste...."
1st May 2013 2:35
"just support his decision lads, he must be seen something in this guy even though he is not a regular starter in reading, after that we'll see him play and then judge him. if the guy really that bad after couple matches, we can freely judging Brendan. But before l that happens just support his decision, IMO "
1st May 2013 7:51
"the a great defenders out there"
1st May 2013 9:45
"The reason he wasn't playing regularly is that he he was dropped when he refused to sign a contract extension. He was their player of the season last year. sturridge and coutinho weren't bad signings for a combined £20M so maybe BR knows better than us eh???"