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I dont know him, am not sure this guy is better than Coates, give the boy a chance or sign Toby, we dont need any Pearce.
30th Apr 2013 13:20
30th Apr 2013 13:24
"Is this a joke?This lad is not good enough to fill carras boots.dont reading have a awful defensive record?says it all!"
30th Apr 2013 13:31
"god, i hope not, we'd be going backwards"
30th Apr 2013 13:34
"You have got to be joking, is this the best we can do ? I'd prefer Kelly or Wisdom at centre back."
30th Apr 2013 14:06
"dont bother"
30th Apr 2013 14:22
"R u for real or what ??? Carragher is going and i'm pretty sure Skrtel will be off aswel but this is an insult.We need quality players who can help us take the next step on.No offence but this guy is Championship standard at best"
30th Apr 2013 14:22
"you've gotta be kidding me. Signing this kid is a signal of intent that we're planning for the relegation battle next season. PLEASE DON'T BR!"
30th Apr 2013 14:25
"I've just realised the connection here. Pearce was appointed vice-captain of Reading in 2009 by their new manager at the time...wait for it...Brendan Rodgers."
30th Apr 2013 15:42
"Again, signing his ex player! "
Vosta Lee
30th Apr 2013 16:39
30th Apr 2013 18:50
"Please don't BR! Plenty more better players available! "
1st May 2013 2:07
"from Reading ????? ... a relagated team ????? gimme a break.....who is this pearce anyway...."
1st May 2013 2:24
"well maybe another raw gem who can be polished by the only one Brendan Rodgers, just like philippe cotinho. I hope my prediction came true, so just wait and see "