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we need to get tom back he is adecent player with potential 6 million aint bad we should never have got rid of him
30th Apr 2013 9:46
30th Apr 2013 9:58
"to step up the gear,we need better players than Tom catch with the elite teams in EPL,we need extra-ordinary talent"
30th Apr 2013 9:59
"to step up the gear,we need better players than Tom catch with the elite teams in EPL,we need extra-ordinary talent"
30th Apr 2013 10:03
"If we are about to step up the gear and catch up with the elite teams in the EPL then we need to look beyond Tom Ince.I would prefer that we get Benteke and Eriksen as attacking acquisitions this summer.We also need a bully in the middle of the park (defensive mid) in the mould of Victor Wanyama.Then a centre back, left back and a golie would make an ideal summer transfer activity."
30th Apr 2013 10:47
"Surprising to see Spurs after a player that we've been linked with...LOL... seriously guys get your own scouts!!"
30th Apr 2013 11:04
"Does he want to come here? Or is he in it for the money? I think it is the latter! King Kenny was the one who let him go! The 6 million could be better spent on a more experienced and better player! YNWA!"
30th Apr 2013 11:04
"would prefer dries mertens myself at around 10-12m scoring goals in the championship is a lot easier than premiership also hope dad paul gets his valuation of 25m LOL as we get 35% of sell on fee I believe"
30th Apr 2013 11:29
"Well well well well now there's a suprise......Spurs after yet another player who we are.Do we share the same scouting network or what ?? Find your own players instead of poaching targets of ours !!"
30th Apr 2013 11:37
"he's a good player but not for me we need to kick on next season and get the right players in."
Brazilian meastro10
30th Apr 2013 12:53
"Assaidid is 10 times better, leave this kid alone if he does not want to come"
30th Apr 2013 13:20
"Why do we want him? he did not fancy fighting for a place last time he was here.I cant see him being any better than we have now."
poolman 96
30th Apr 2013 13:24
"we have sterling,downing,couthino, assadi. dont need him"
poolman 96
30th Apr 2013 13:25
"we have sterling,downing,couthino, assadi. dont need him"
30th Apr 2013 13:25
"He could have have stayed and waited for his chance but he and his Dad wanted him to leave so hope he goes to Spurs, always better to have players that really want to be at Liverpool. "
30th Apr 2013 13:29
"It's a hard one cus we don't know how he's gonna play in prem,Isn't he out of contract?wheres the 6.5 mil fee from? We have a young lad called Jordan Ibe coming thru who I think will be better! But if the price is low enough I would take a chance!"
30th Apr 2013 14:29
"What happened to putting a buy back look what's happeng .its clear the boy will go for Spurs"
30th Apr 2013 15:33
"any OTT bidding by spurs is going to help us. 20percent of the transfer fees comes back to suggestion: bid 4million for ince and send assaidi out on loan to blackpool.else look somewhere else..simples. thnk he is technically better than sterling."
30th Apr 2013 15:56
"So he is now worth 6.5M when his contract expires in June. I smell BS all over this story. Decent winger but we already have it covered with Sterling, Assaidi and Coutinho. "
30th Apr 2013 19:22