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A win on saturday at anfield against the blues would be magical....and to finish ahead of them is a must....
30th Apr 2013 9:25
30th Apr 2013 9:45
"A big piece of advice to FSG: Please stop buying British players. Though sturridge, Hendo & Downing has performed well this season, just look at the performance of Suarez & Coutinho since the time they joined the club - they were fantastic, always produce 100% on the pitch and they 're the ones who keep on trying.."
30th Apr 2013 10:06
"just make sure there are no bookings or sending off's and european football beckons via fair play..."
30th Apr 2013 10:06
"Who cares about all this nonsense, as noted for the last 3 years, we need at least 3 world class players coming in (getting harder each year to attract them) to have any hope of competing for PL or CL glory. Otherwise we remain mediocrity AKA Everton. "
30th Apr 2013 10:18
"There is definitely room for improvement because there were occasions we lost our concentration for a moment here and there e.g. Ben Arfa. All in all... considering people are suggesting we need more 'world class' players we have scored the 2nd high amount of goals in the league and have the 2nd highest clean sheets. "
30th Apr 2013 10:18
"As far as I can see our only problem has been the 2012 because we didn't have players performing and we only had 1 attacking threat. Now we have a solid squad I think next season we will surprise ourselves."
30th Apr 2013 11:36
"Regardless of the improvement we have made in 2013,we cannot afford to stand still.We must also only recruit players that can genuinely improve the squad.Diame,Remy and Eriksen would be ideal. Just look what happened to Man City when they bought poorly in the summer.They have gone backwards."
30th Apr 2013 11:46
"...and again against them on Sunday will give us 6 points at the week-end!! ;-)"
30th Apr 2013 12:53
"Its going to be a really tough game, it will tell a lot about this teams mentality when the going gets tough. Everton are far from an average side. They and not us have pushed for top 4 this season with little funds spent over past few years. 6th up for grabs but we must win!"
30th Apr 2013 12:55
"L-MAN07. you are right, we must get Diame, Erickson, a winger and a defender, and we are good to go. We need to buy players who are better than what we presently have."
30th Apr 2013 13:14
"Not had chance to view full game,but will watch rerun tonite.Altho great result,a win against the bitters is what i really want.There is no doubt who play the more entertaining game our g/d speaks for itself +25 is the 4th best in the league.Same team, same result would be magic"
30th Apr 2013 15:49
"Suarez Eligable to play this season for the U21's as an over age player"
30th Apr 2013 16:39
"Spoken like a future captain!Top Man Lucas."
30th Apr 2013 20:53
"joecoes you are a hipacrit.. You are a discrace to call ur self a supporter of this great club after what you ZZ at the start of the season so do one...."