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no chance get bony,wellinton or hooper for me they are all affordable and know where the net is although I don't think we will be buying a striker think we will go for mertens, eriksen and sort out the defensive issues
29th Apr 2013 16:08
29th Apr 2013 16:31
"huh bring Benteke"
29th Apr 2013 17:37
"If BR keeps Andy, we will have 4 strikers for next season which is more than enough! Sort the back out before even considering any attacking options. "
29th Apr 2013 18:27
"benteke more realistic"
29th Apr 2013 18:30
"Our scouts should be checking out Hernanes Lazio, Isco Malaga, Eriksen Ajax, Matias Suarez Anderlect, Jovetic Fiorentina, Mertens PSV, Damiao Internacional, Gaitan Benfica, Cissokho Valencia"
29th Apr 2013 18:38
"Ola Toivenon please but get Erikson as well."
29th Apr 2013 22:13
"fabregas is for sale????????????????????"
30th Apr 2013 5:44
"Have our scouts or BR heard of one Ruben Castro who plays in Spain? Cheaper & better "
30th Apr 2013 6:26
"C Benteke. A Turan. C Eriksen. M Diame. A Rami. D Rose. At least one of them will join us in the summer. And there are possibilities that Suarez will leave. "
Stan Still
30th Apr 2013 7:19
"35 million Michu? Ridiculous! We already got stung for the same amount when we bought Andy Carroll I can't see FSG falling for that again. Three more Phillipe Coutinho's is what we should be looking for. Players of his skill and calibre. Get three more like Phillipe and then we'll really be in business. "
30th Apr 2013 11:27
"Give big Andy a chance! Now he is fit he is scoring regularly, loads of "assists", provides a threat at attacking, and defending corners- that we currently don't have, and is still young enough to learn. With Coutinho in the team the ball is now played forward a lot quicker than in the static ticky-tacky days"